Lets get the speedo cable routed better!

This is the adaptor we got from "Speedy Cables", we did not fancy routing the cable through the drivers floor panel, especially as we will not be covering the whole floor with carpet. (More of that later)
It was quite funny when I e-mailed Speedy they replied with a quote of 35 but when I phoned up it had risen to "40+vat , when I questioned this it dropped to 35 (An innocent mistake or what?) When I had given the order the woman said "I will send it down to the workshop and they will make you one up".
When it arrived it had "Made in Germany" stamped on it? Ho Ho.
Still we have it now.

Speedo adaptor and circlip

The next problem we came across was that the "Triumph Dolomite" Speedo cable would fit the actual speedo but the other end was too big for our adaptor.
We solved this by using Locking wire and securing the cable in place like this.

 Solid as a rock.

The next problem was that the cable inner was a square drive at the Speedo end (Correct) but at the other end it was a rectangle type drive which did not fit the adaptor.
The Sierra inner cable is correct at both ends but about a foot too long, so we need to aquire a shorter one.
Back to "Speedy C" I suppose!

Takes me back to my aircraft days.