The Seat belt mounts

Here is Joey trying his hand at Arc welding the inner seat belt mounting bracket.
We placed a question regarding this mounting on the RHOcar website and had loads of useful replies.
We are going to fit a mounting bracket in the tunnel which bolts down to the rear seat mounting box section.
The 6.5mm angle will then house the 7/16 unf nut (Welded in place). The bolt will go sideways through the Tunnel and Bracket into the captive nut.
We will take loads of pictures and take them with us to the SVA and hopefully this will help.
Footnote: It did help, We took the laptop with all the pictures on it and Mr SVA checked them and was satisfied with our installation.

Can you see how straight he is welding? OK neither can I

This is Joeys welding on the inside of the bracket, I do think he has done a pretty good job. He says that Arc welding is easier than Mig welding! I don't know if I agree with that but he enjoyed this experience anyway.
The bracket is made from 6.5mm angle and is 100mm wide and 50mm high, we have made it 100mm long so it will allow us to bolt it to the seat mounting bracket and a few extra bolts through the floor.
Next we have to position it and plot where to put the seatbelt mounting bolts.

This is the result not bad eh?

This is the bracket placed in situ. It is above the seatbelt mounting box section and centralised under the propshaft. We may fit a bit of steel to the front and rear of the box section for a bit of extra support.
The bar you see on the left is the rearmost seat mounting bar which will soon be welded to the bottom of the seat bracket, now we have removed the tunnel side we will be able to mark its position more acurately.

The 2 crosses are where we could place the seatbelt mounting holes.

To hold the inner nut to the mounting bracket we manufactured 2 steel plates one which took up the gap of the round fixed washer on the nut, the second plate was shaped so just the Hex part of the nut fitted through we welded both the plates on and this held the inner bolts firmly in position..

The first plate in position!

This is our entry to the..
"Andy Hamilton lousy garage carpet competition"
Its no match for his excellent flowery job, this one was in our sunroom until a blocked drain flooded the floor and resulted in a soft and fluffy garage carpet.

Tasteful astronomical theme!

This is how the drivers inner seatbelt mount fits through the tunnel, we had to bend the inner Recaro seatbelt bracket straight so it would fit in between the seat and the tunnel, there is a lot less room on our driver's side than on the passenger's side.

The 2 crosses are where we could place the seatbelt mounting holes.

And here is the incredibly roomy passenger's side.

The 2 crosses are where we could place the seatbelt mounting holes.

This is the view from under the car, we have hidden all the seatbelt and seat mounting bolts inside the box section and covered the holes with rubber grommets. We think it looks a lot neater than angle section with all the nuts/bolts showing.
The seat studs also use the box sections to attach to and again get sealed in with rubber grommets.

The blue stuff is just Jointing compound to stop any corrosion.

Here is the outer seatbelt mounting, we are using the Robin Hood mounting plate on the Chassis as we feel that it is in a pretty good position for our Sabelt harnesses.
The bolt has to be able to be removed without taking the car to bits to get at the nut (Otherwise people will not go to the bother of fitting a new seatbelt should the old one get frayed), so we made an "Anchor" nut and Joey bolted it in place like this

Here is the view from the other side before the side panel is fitted. Joey has used locknuts to hold it all nice and tight

Footnote: This is another picture that Mr SVA wanted to see.

Look Mr SVA Man