The Back panel.

Right nows the time to fit the Rear panel (temporarily as usual), this will let us know how much room we have, Where we can fit the angle sections for the fuel tank and Where to clip the loom to.
The videos were dusted off the instructions were found, it all looked easy enough, Mind you so did the side panel!
We did the Measuring/Bending in the living room, it had recently been hoovered so there were no nuts or bolts lying around (See video). We used a bit of flat MDF for the bending and that was fine, a bit smoother that Trickys wood from the vid.
In the first picture Joey's either,
    1..Trying to work out a "Tricky" measurement. (Sorry about that) or
    2.. He is pointing out the bit where Richard's pen lid rolls away.

Look there it goes!

First the bottom tabs, Joey did not have enough strength in his little fingers so Dad had to do the initial bending. He was able to use the hammer to finish the bend though.

Dad, I cant bend this!

Now the measuring bit, Mark the center, 20 incher either way gets your first bend line. Our measurements did not line up exactly with the little notches cut out at the factory but never mind.

Hold that end Dad

Now draw a line from the side cut out to the notch (4.5 inches from the end) and that gives you the other bend lines.
These you bend right over onto your bit of wood and give the panel rigidity. Dad had to do this bend as well. (probably whilst Joey had a swig of ale!)

Look at that concentration

With these two bends done all that was left was the "Grapefruit sized curves that follow the chassis round, Joey had a little go at this but then let Dad finish it off, else we would have had right angled Grapefruits!

To the garage!

And here it is fitted to the car, it all fits nicely and the curved corner bits are not far out at all, If we were to do it again we think large Orange rather than Grapefruit but never mind it will pull in nicely.
Next is the trimming and drilling but tomorrows another day.

Goodnight all