The Bonnet Assembly!

The assembly of the bonnet was the next job. We decided to do this now because we wanted our bonnet to be fixed from the cockpit forward about a foot and hinged from there, this allows us to position the steering wheel a lot higher than RH's Gator bonnet design would allow.
The actual assembly went surprisingly easy the only bit that we would definitely do different if we had another one to build is.. We would drill the holes and "Nut and Bolt" them rather than use RH supplied self tappers. From the outside it all seemed to be pulling together nicely but when we looked inside Yikes Quick get the bolts Joey!.

The trimming is quite handy

This is how it looks now!
It is a bit of a pain having to remove it every time we need to work on the car, It's a big lump to have lying around, But at least it looks like we are getting somewhere.

Look at that drivers seat!

Now after a lot of deliberation We decided to cut the bonnet, we had never been keen on Richards Croc bonnet especially as it restricted how high the steering wheel went. We really decided pretty early we wanted a fixed scuttle and a smaller bonnet so here we are at the moment of truth..
Joey getting ready for the big cut,

Lets go

And here is our "Cut line"

Bit nervous now!

we used a minidisk cutter which cut the Stainless nicely, We did spend a while waiting for our old compressor to catch its breath, But Then.............

Should we have done this?

And here is how the Fixed Scuttle fits in place, Nicely !


Now its time to cut dismantle the Bonnet and remove all the white film, we can then deburr the edges, Joey can fit the Bonnet Bulge and the front Grill.

Watch out there is Kittens about

Here it is put in temporary storage (In the coat cupboard), until Joey gets round to working it again.
Thats one thing that you notice as the build progresses, Suddenly there is less and less bits in storage in the house and more bits fitted to the car.

Now where on earth do we put our shoe's?

Here is Joey drilling the Bonnet hinge, Ours will go nearly the full width of the bonnet and we have spaced the rivets the same 20mm as the nose cone, Joey drilled the hinge holes first and then transferred them to the bonnet.

And here is the hinge rivitted in place, We will use some of the Silver type beading to tidy up the edge of the bonnet.

Here's how it all fits onto the Firewall, Now does that not look a lot neater than the Joggled "Battery in the front" method". You can also see our compacted "Polo" heater in the picture.

Nows the time to fix the bonnet on for good, here is Joey pop rivetting it in place.

Go on Joey Squeeze harder!

This is what she looks like with the bonnet open, we are both very happy with it. It s all the more satisfying because we have managed to make a bonnet that suits us (Large people) so we can raise the steering wheel as much as we need to fit our legs in, also it is our "Own" design. We have managed to make (In our opinion) a much neater layout. and of course it is a bit of a conversation point "Wheres the battery mate".

A happy lad !

This shows how our setup looks with the scuttle and bonnet in place, I must admit I was quite relieved when it all fitted together so well, We will be putting a fillet of rubber seal along the sidepanel which will help it all fit nice and tight.

Check out this rear view ! Forget about the bonnet look at the lights, Do they look special or what?
They are all LED's in carbon fibre effect housings, look a bit different don't you think.
We have fitted the number plate light in the center of the back panel because we will not be fitting the spare for the SVA so we can fit it there and then when we eventually fit the spare we will be cutting a hole to suit the mounting plate anyway.