About Us

Hi My Name is Joe, I am now 16 years old. My Dad and I bought my Robin Hood 2B when I was 11 years old. We built it and drive it together, as as you will see on the website we love it
I Am currently studying for a BTEc in Engineering with a view to going on to college to take a Degree in "Motorsport Engineering", Building my own car has certainly helped me get a head start so far.
I have been sprinting cars for a couple of years now at Barkston Heath with the RAFMSA This year (2007) I came 3rd overall in the championship, that's out of 75 competitors. I Started last year with a 1.1 Metro and then We managed to get hold of a 1.4 GTi, I do most of the preperation myself with guidance from my Dad.
I have just passed my Racing Drivers Licence so am planning to get the Metro prepared and do some "Circuit" races this year, So if there are any potential sponsors out there give me a call.

Me in the early days of the GTi Strip, So much left to do!

This is Dad's partner "Irene", She is a top lady and built her own Robin Hood Kit Car, we drove both Kits out to Spain this year and had a great time. Irene and Dad help out by doing the Marshalling at Barkston so apart from helping out they also get some cracking pictures too.
In the background you can see our new Peugoet 406 TD, "Cracking towing car" and very economical, Not as fast as the V6 Mondeo but as its Dad who has to pay to run it I suppose it will do.

Here is Irene at one of our many "Hoody" outings, this time it was the Renault World series at Donington, look at that Food Mmmm Footnote from Dad:
PS Shame we were parked next to a family of Ignorant Scouse Tossers who had no respect for our cars and let their stupid kids play football close to them (Until we complained)

And here is the Old Man, "Bank of Dad" we are very lucky that we all enjoy doing the same things together, as you will see when you read on.
Thanks for your time and enjoy the website