Collection day

First problem of the collection day was that the Van refused to start, even after using the boost charger!

Start Ya Bastard

Mr Rhino was quickly there with a replacement van though so we were soon "Carefully" on our way without a handbrake!!

Wagon Number 2

Pretty soon Joey, Uncle Greg and Me arrived at Mansfield HQ then came the scary bit for Dad
3225.38 later......

How much?

..And we had our car!............"Is That IT?"

Where's the rest of it then? Ah I see you get 2 trolleys!

And this will become a car one day?

Lot of "Eager Beavers" collecting their cars today, wonder what happened to them all?

Who are they?

"Joey's Urinal", Who said there was no Toilet facilities at Robin Hood?

Thats my Boy

Joey collected the "Second Trolley" and started to play soldiers.

Stick em up!

Big Kid, Oh yes I forgot, He is a Big Kid

Too late mate I have already lost all my money

After a long day and Gregs first "Burger King" we were home and unloaded, look at that Happy Lad there!

I mean Joey

Now This really is the beginning, "GULP" what have we let ourselves in for