Our New instruments.

We have seen a couple of cars now that use Dolomite instruments and they look good so we decided to look into getting some. Rimmer Brothers in Lincoln had some reconditioned items for sale but at 60+ for a fuel guage this was a non starter.
Somebody suggested we look on e-bay but after sifting through tons of junk we drew a blank there as well.
We then looked on Google and found the "Triumph owners club" they had a lot of classified adds and a couple included Dolomite Dashboard's.
A couple of e-mails later, we got 2 replies the first wanted 30 but before we bought this the second bloke only wanted 10, so even with postage it was only 20. Pretty good value we think.

Dolly Dials

This is what they look like cleaned up, the speedo, Rev counter, Temperature guage and warning console have come up very well, The clock we are not too sure about it has had a bit of a failed attempt at restoration and the backplate was upside down and there is a split on the Needles.

Nice Dials

We will need a new Fuel guage and possibly a volt meter, look at the state of these two sorry specimin's. The Fuel guage had the markings touched up with what looked like tippex and well the Volt meter looked well knackered

Never mind

We have used some MDF to fabricate a Dash that holds the big guages, We will then cut another piece that fits between the chassis tubes down sloping towards the gearstick.

Look it can go 140 MPH

We later decided that it would be too much effort to get the Dolomite instruments calibrated so we fitted Sierra ones instead, Obviously we could change them in the future if we wanted to. We cut the plastic front and sides off the module then trimmed round it with some rubber edging, Then bolted some perspex into position using some small nuts and bolts.

Mounted it into the centre console and wired it up easily to the large Ford connector.

This is how it is held in position using two small brackets and a couple of self tappers. .