Donington Kit Car show 2003.

A load of us went out for a meal on Saturday night Big Jim had a spare seat which Joey claimed very early. He seemed to be having a quick nap before we left
The pub that Jim recommended could not feed us, (Or were they a bit scared when half a dozen noisy hoods and a Rover turned up.)
So off we went to pub number 2!


Pub number 2, "The Flagstaff Island"

When we first arrived at the show Jim jumped Joey from behind and wrestled him to the ground, Obviously Joey has remembered this and secretly vowed to get revenge.
Joey picks the right time when Jim cannot get away, then plants him with a right hook, Mitch looks on in amazement

That will get you for jumping on me earlier!

Jims out for the count and Joey (and Mitch) prepare for a quick getaway

Bleedin hell I'm Off!

OK thats not what really happened but it looks quite good in the pictures.
The meal was very good and served pretty quickly too. (Possibly wanted rid of us in case we scared the locals).
Back to the campsite we move on to the RHOCar Barbee featuring the celebrity Chef Mick Mellors, Look at the professional way he turns them sausages and flips them burgers and check out the hand on hip stance!

Sizzle Sizzle

Well even the professionals have off days, "Quick get the fire brigade".
No honestly the food was brill well done Mick!

Joey come and wash the dishes!

At the end of a long nights drinking Joey took this picture of under Jims seat, What a boozer!.

He does mix his drinks too

Again we had an excellent weekend with all the Hoodies.
We met some old friends and made quite a few new ones. (Typical weekend with Hoodies!).
Thanks to all.