19 Febuary 2004 the engine Runs!

Well we got it running at last and Joey is over the moon. We did have a couple of minor problems:
Firstly, No power to the Fuel Pump and no Spark at the Coil.
The Fuel pump problem was traced to a fault in the supply line to the Fuel solenoid, We slaved another line in and the pump primed itself as advertised once the ignition was switched on.
Then we went in search of the spark problem this turned out to be a faulty solenoid "D" so again a slaved in supply line had the sparks, sparking lovely.
When we turned it over it still would not start, there was a rather large "Pop" from the exhaust which scared the crap out of Joey then there was rather large flames from the exhaust licking Joeys legs, This time he did not notice as he had ear deffs on.
I checked the timing and sure enough it was 180 Deg out (My fault) so a quick turn of the engine and re arrange of the plug leads and hey presto the bugger started.
It sounds pretty good and we have good oil pressure and no leaks, Good start. Now we are going to sort our new firewall out and then we can position the wires permanently.
Must thank Big Jim for his help and advice at this stage, he said "Get the engine started and you will feel great" and he was right! Cheers Jim.
Of course we have no intentions of rushing ahead and doing stupid things like booking our SVA when its not finished, we don't want to do any stupid mistakes like some people we know.
Sorry we have no pictures of the engine running, we were to excited at our new baby alive at last!