Drivers Firewall!

This part didn't go quite as easily as the passenger side.
Joey did it all by himself and he bent the panel correctly, the bit that went behind the Servo was OK, but the bit that was supposed to bend rearwards to meet the Passenger firewall didn't reach properly and was at the wrong angle anyway!
Dad joined in and we fabricated another angle out of aluminium which was a lot stronger, fitted correctly, filled the gap left at the bottom by the footwell panel "and" had two slots which the pedal box slotted into making the pedal box assembly a lot more rigid. (Actually the slots had to be cut so we could position the pedalbox as far over to the left as possible).

Not as easy as the other side!
Since we did all this work we decided to do it our own way and make a seperate scuttle and a straight firewall, so this firewall section became a bit of "Spare" stainless.
No wonder our build is taking so long we are doing it twice