Refitting the Front end after the Infill panels are fitted.

The wishbones all went on a lot easier than we expected, and we are happy with how they look with the plastic coating
(Hopefully it won't get scratched). We will have to repaint the box section that sticks out of Infill panel, So if you are reading this prior to building a kit like this "Be careful if you have to paint it first" I'm glad we got the stainless chassis because it must be a bugger trying not to scratch a whole bloody Steel Chassis.

Look at that Box section

Here he is fitting the Coilover, This went really smoothly too we used new bolts all round and coated all the mating surfaces with jointing compound

Watch that finish Joey

Now the Stub Axle, with the brackets for the mudguard all trimmed painted and fitted with new bolts.

We will wash off the Jointing compound later

Joey was desperate to fit his newly painted Disc, OK stop laughing he only painted the middle bit to delay the rust setting in, not the friction surface.

Nice stopper

Now the nice shiney caliper with new pads, Joey was amazed how easy it was to fit.

Locktite on each bolt before fitting

He took his time making sure each bolt had started to grip before the final tightening, so there was no risk of crossed threads.

Three white knuckles

This is the biggest problem with building a car in your garage (getting rid of all the tins), especially when the recycling bags are clear, Makes us look a right bunch of boozers.

Hic Hic