Fitting the Fuel filler Cap

Now here is a job that if you take your time and think about it will come out really nice, Rush and you might have little gaps showing round the filler cap (Not a pretty sight).
First thing we did was cut the angle off the Robin Hood supplied fuel filler neck, it was never going to line up with our tank so, out with the cutter and off it came ! We wanted a better locking method than just screwing a self tapper in the neck of the filler so we cut out a little strip of 2mm steel and bent it to suit the curve inside the neck then we welded it in place.

Take your time!

Here is the view from inside you can see the lock has engaged nicely on the strip, you can also see how much of the tube we have cut off.

There is no rush !

Here is a view of the finished item as well as welding either side we put a strip of weld along the lenght of the insert so it will be plenty strong enough.

Nicly welded in catch

Here is a bit that we wanted to do a bit different, "the rear of the filler", instead of bending the little lugs back we cut them off and have manufactured a packer from MDF which fits tightly between the filler neck and the rear panel. It looks pretty neat and holds everything nice and tight.

Silver painted MDF

On the outside we decided to manufacture a plate which fits round the filler cap seal and covers any unsightly gaps left due to the plasma cutter.
Here is Joey "Chain drilling" the inside of the Ally plate....

Don't rush mate

..And then cutting it out using a round hacksaw blade. Look at that concentration !

Thats going to be a nice job there !

And now we jump to the finished article, We think you will agree it looks nice. I took Joeys cut article to work and cut it into a nice circle and filed a chamfer on the rim, then we painted it with Black Enamel paint.
We both think that its worth the extra effort involved to get this nice individual finish.

Yes it is what a nice finish !

And here it is from the inside you can see the packer and the cut down filler tube which is connected to the tank with some Europa supplied Flexy Fuel pipe. It is a nice tidy arrangement which we are well happy with.
Wish we had 9 inches rather than 8 though (Flexy hose I mean) Hey look behind it you can see the "Battery box".

Lets fill her up then!