How our piping looks!

We have spent a long time trying to work out how to make an inline "Gauze" type fuel filter to fit the 19mm pipe outlets between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. In the Sierra the filter is in the tank, unfortunately there is not one fitted to the "Gibbons" tank we have.
You cannot just fit a normal "Fuel filter" otherwise you would get "Cavitation" problems, it has to be a High flow type filter, so this is our method....
On the spare Granada fuel pump there was a fuel damper type thingy, It had inlet and outlet pipes which were 19mm (Good start) we cut the top off the damper chamber and removed the diaphragm so this is what we were left with.
Good old Baz from work gave us a "Guaze filter" from a fuel funnel and this was just what we wanted, and here it is cut to shape

Now where do we start?

Here the filter and the cage have been spot welded in position. The inlet pipe will be the one shown on the left so any crud from the tank will be kept in the chamber and this should give less chance of Fuel starvation caused by a blockage

Nice spots

And this is the finished item just needs a coat of black paint and its ready.

Took long enough though!

This is our Tunnel "Fuel pipe clamps" they are bent out of Aluminium, Have 3 holes which are pop rivetted to the side of the tunnel panel, They have a small strip of rubber sheet to cusion any vibrations.

View looking forward

And here is how the tunnel area looks with the Fuel pipes and Wiring loom clipped in position, ours are spaced at 200mm so SVA man should be happy (300 in the book)

Wow Neat job

This bit was a bit tricky its where the Loom and Fuel pipes enter the boot area, there is not an awful lot of space to fit it all through but we managed pretty well we think. The brake pipes will be entering the boot area from lower down

Thats a small gap for all that stuff!

This is the coupling we are using to attach the return fuel line to the tank the 2 big plates are spreading the load to help make a good seal. It was a bit of a bugger to get the nut and washer through the filler hole of the tank without dropping them in. Once in place we used a metal bar to hold the bottom nut then screwed the adaptor in tight.

Return adaptor

Here it is in place complete with fittings. You can also see the Superflex fuel hose which came from Europa "88p per inch" pretty good and will at least fit in the right place unlike Richards lump of angle, Now we should be able to bin most of that, we will probably only be keeping the bit that the filler cap attaches to.

Supply and return pipes

This is the other end of the return flexy hose, it is routed along our Battery mounting beam

This is how we are mounting our Fuel pump, the sheet of Ally will hold it in place between the two chassis tubes and will provide impact protection for the pump.

Well held

Here it is in situ. all nicely tucked away. The Fuel pipes go over the top of the Chassis members, so it was a bit awkward to bolt the pump on then attach the plate to the chassis but we think it was worth the effort.