Fitting the Fuel tank

We are fitting the "Chris Gibbons" Plastic fuel tank. It is an 8 gallon version, we are pretty pleased with it it will fit nicely at the lower rear end of the boot area. It is a bit of an awkward shape, with hindsight we would have measured out the exact size tank for Chris to make, (We did not realise that this was possible, but it Was at the time!).
We decided to fit a bit of Ally angle to the two tubes going back towards the spare wheel position. This would support the rear lower edge of the tank. There would be another Angle running along the front top edge of the tank, both angles would be linked with a bit of threaded rod. The top angle is also supported in place with a support (On both sides) which is bolted to the rear chassis.
Here we have fitted the fuel sender to the tank, it was just a matter of "chain drilling" the hole to suit the senders 60mm seal, a bit of filing and there you go. It was then secured in place using 4 self tappers.
We of course swilled out the tank with clan fuel first to remove any swarf.
Footnote: Later on ( More Build Section ) we have to remove the sender to sort out a leaky bottom pipe unfortunately the tank did not have a metal insert on it so we had to get inside so we could fit a nut and washer on the inside of the swirlpot

1 Fuel sender fitted!

This is Joey fitting the rear Angle to the chassis, We made a couple of "U" clamps out of aluminium and used some rubber sheet to sandwich it all up.

Just ignore the bloody fireworks mate!

Like so!

Lower clamps

And here it is fitted, you can see how we have fitted the support angles from the top forward support to the chassis.

Hey, what about the middle?

Now Joey is fitting a strap of electrician's type metal strap to secure the center of the tank, we have added a couple of angle pieces where it meets the tank at the corners for some added strength

Nice and tight now Dad

A bit closer view of him bending the ends of the strap so they are bolted together.

Nice job Mate

And this is a view from below the front of the tank, you can see the clamps on the rear angle support and also the centre strap complete with angle support.

Nearly done