Fitting the Handbrake

We are going to fit our Handbrake on the top of the tunnel, (like the majority of others we think) Firstly We don't think it would be very good having to reach over to the passengers side to pull the handbrake on, secondly as we have fitted the Recaro's so low in the cabin there is no way we could have fitted it where Tricky wants it. We can only see a tiny bit of the original cut out on the passenger's side floor.
This is Joey struggling to fit the nut to the forward handbrake mounting bolt, Dad tried but his arm would not fit in the tunnel! Joey managed fine.

Hurry up Dad get tighten the bolt instead of taking a bloody picture!

We have temporarily fitted these spacers to raise the handbrake sufficiently so the mechanism would clear the chassis. The forward M8 bolt fits through the LH chassis tube and the rearmost one fits through the RH tube.

We will replace these with nice shiny steel ones

We have extended the arm going back from the handbrake to the cable, we twisted a piece of steel through 90 Deg to meet the crescent shaped cable holder.
We cut some of Trickys angle and bent it to the angle shown above, later we welded it at the bends.
We drilled a hole to match the outer cable and then cut a slot in it so the cable fitted through. (pretty Standard stuff I think)

We will not keep the G clamps we will use bolts, Honest

This is Joey trying to fit the rear Brake shoe's he struggled with the locating pin, spring and collar. Mind you everybody struggles with them bloody things.
I was very impressed as he kept at it for a good half hour trying different methods

Good on you Joey

This was one of the reasons Joey was struggling. The handbrake lever arm on the brake pad was too close to the hole for the shoe securing pin, as you can see on the picture. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem or are we just lucky.

See how much we need to remove

We decided to remove a bit from the arm to give us more clearance.
This is whats left after we got at it with the grinder, made fitting of the pins much easier and Joey did it in a matter of minutes.

Cleaned up arm

We shortened the handbrake cable on the right hand side by cutting it with our fine cutting disk, then drilled through the centre of an 8mm bolt, cut the top and the thread off then slid it up the cable. we set the adjuster so we would have plenty of adjustment available both ways then spot welded the bolt in position.
Joey and Katie have fully tested the handbrake a number of times with me acting as the engine, Much enjoyment was had by all.

We cut off about 2ft of cable

Joe celebrates another good nights work

Good lad Joey

"Now the brake pipes Dad".

Footnote, On the More build section you can see how we cut and welded the handbrake lever so it sat more level and also how Joey made a nice cover for the mechanism.