The trouble with Headlight's.

If you are fitting the supplied RH headlights the hollow mounting bolt gets very close to the top wishbone. Then if you feed the wires through that gives you even less room to play with. Here is how we have solved this problem.

Bit Close that!

First thing was to make the bolt about 40mm shorter.

Honest he is not posing for the camera!

This was the first cut and we decided to remove more, (40mm total).
Notice how Joey has put the nut on first so that he can mend any damage to the threads caused by the saw.

He is learning well that boy!

We planned to route the wires out the back of the headlight through some braided hose and into the side panels,this will afford plenty of protection for the wiring, and look good too.
The hoses came from Wikes DIY store and are flexi tap connectors at 3.49 for the pair.
Unfortunately they are slightly different from one another as one of them has a longer rigid section. As you cannot get them individually I had to get 2 sets, Still the spare ones will come in handy somewhere round the house (Hopefully).

We used the bottom ones.

We had to open out the coupling centers othewise the 3 light wires would not fit through the hole.

After and Before!

Joey was a bit nervous about drilling the back of the "Shiney new headlight" but he found it really easy after we put some masking tape on the spot he needed to drill through

If you look closely you can see him at work

Here he is fitting the hose to the headlight housing.

He is always sitting down isn't he?

This is how the inside looks, The Sidelight, Dipped and Main beam wires go out through the hose and the 2 earth wires are clipped together and held to earth by a M10 bolt and nut coming up through center of the main attachment bolt.

Looks like a map of the world in there!

And this is what it looks like from the outside,Nice and neat and there is now plenty of clearance underneath the headlight.

Phew what a job

Compare this with the first picture, there is loads of room now. The Bolt you see is the M10 that goes up the center of the main fitting and clamps the 2 earth wires inside the headlight.