The Polo Heater!

We decided to go the same way as a few others had done and got a Polo heater, it was smaller than the Sierra job, Not a massive amount though. I think that if we had kept the Sierra one we could have managed with that, but never mind. The actual heater element was pretty small but the gubbins that direct the flow was enormous.
We decided to use the heater bit as it was but manufacture a different diffuser box. Our ally box slotted straight in to the original Polo heater housing.It has a flap inside that directs the flow to the top 2 holes or the bottom 2. In the picture you can see the 4 holes that direct the flow Up or down.
The whole thing is upside down as you can see the mounting brackets.

Here is the box with the diffuser pipes fitted.

Here is the diffuser flap in the up position directing all the airflow down to the footwell area.

Wow the car is outside once more

And here the air is directed up to the demister elements.

Soon be starting it

And here it is sitting in its place nice and compact and with lots of blow.