The Fuel Injection!

Now we are getting ready to fit the Fuel Injection permanently, Joey has done a good job cleaning and painting all the bits, now all we had to do was to do was try and remember where all the bits went. Luckily we had kept the Granada Injection in one piece and were able to copy that.

Shame you won't be able to see most of it.

We used new nuts and bolts throughout and a liberal coating of locktite on the threads, All the connections were treated to a squirt of WD40.

Wow the car is outside once more

Once it was all fitted we started to locate all the surrounding cables in their position using tywraps which will eventually be replaced with P clips when we are sure of the positioning.We have bolted the Coil onto the cross member as shown it looks pretty good there so with a bit of luck we won't have to move it elsewhere.

Soon be starting it