Now to seal some holes

We have changed our minds about the tunnel top, We thought it was a waste of time fitting the big bulky Stainless panel which was just going to be covered with carpet or trim anyway!
Our idea is to use liquid metal to fill the "V" gap on top and we will have an Aluminium plate to cover over the gearbox aperture, the gearlever boot will take up most of this area anyway so that will save some more weight.

Little bit of smoothing and hey presto, a tunnel top.

Here is Joey fitting the drivers side inner wall, he pop rivetted them in place using some RTV sealant as a beading.

Nearly finished.

And this is how it looks now, all nicely sealed up. We have used fairly thin guage Ally towards the rear because most of that area will be covered by the seat.Some people don't fill these panels out but we feel even in this area it should be covered in, it would be too easy to drop a bunch of key's or suchlike and dent the outer panel from inside.

Another quality job by Joey

Here he is posing beside the car outside, you can see that we have sealed the inner panels on the outside using underseal this will keep out any moisture. It looks pretty good too.

How did you say I get this stuff off my hands Dad?