Links to other sites of interest!

"The Best Site ever" Bab's the Sheeps epic adventures with Marge and Phil

"Lincoln Auto Locks" Steve Bulleyment (07832 147601), Excellent bloke for vehicle locks and Transponder recoding"

"RC Flights" Video's and Pictures of some Fabulous low flying in Wales"

"My sister Katie's Animal website" All our pets past and present

"MMR" Get the real truth about the Jab and why not to give it to your children. Read about corrupt Judge who cancels Legal Aid Funding and his Brother who just happens to be a major Pharmaceutical company Director AND Boss of the Lancet medical Journal.
Do not trust any of them!

"Jabs Forum" This is the Forum where you learn how much crap we are fed through the government and the drugs companies, well worth a visit!

"SVC" A great place to get your vehicle Lights (And other bits).

"Vulpes V6" Glenn Wilkin's site where he is Building a supercar from scratch (Brave Bloke)

'Apple County Sevens' A group of Hoodys who are Somerset Based, follow the action here!

M & M Classic Car Components" Rubber trim and other stuff (01775 640423).

"Tifosi" Good suppliers of bits'n'bobs

"Germany's Top 'Seven' Site" And Joeys on it!

"" Everything you need to know about the British Kit Car Scene Also has a great Gallery of cars

"SG7s Kitcars" John and Helen Tween host the 7 website which covers the SG7 area (Stevenage, Herts)

"" Kit Car Links is the biggest directory of links to kit car websites on the internet.

"Macca Bs website" Mark McDonald's newly bought part built Sub K build diary.
(Shows how careful you have to be buying a nearly finished kit car, as if we needed to know lol!)

"Our Friend Big Lee's website" Find out more about his S7 with a 2.8 V6 Ford engined Hood, Complete with Cherry Bomb exhausts (What a sound)

"Cherry Willingham" This is the village website for where we live.

"Marc Norden Racing (MNR)"Quick Cars "and a Bloody Fast driver to boot"

"Ernesto Viso" Joey met Ernesto at Donington, He Signed his Autograph book "To My Friend Joey" Top Bloke!!!"
See also Joeys Famous Pals.

Horological Society A Watchmakers group who also do a nifty line in Rust removal

Design you own plates and get them delivered to the door, Including stick on ones like Irenes. Good Prices too at:

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