More pages of the wiring loom.

This is the loom which we have made for the Fuel pump, Inertia switch and the Fuel tank sender. It was a very easy part of the loom construction as we did not have to do anything else except recover the dirty tatty old loom sheath.
We\ will incorporate this loom in the main loom as required.

The easiest bit of the Loom

Now we have the wiper motor (Which works) we started to locate the wiper switch wires it was really easy to work out the wires for the slow and fast wipe, but it took a bit more thought to work out the windscreen wash wires, Our Donor had all the "headlight wash" type of rubbish so as we have already removed all this it did cause a bit of confusion wondering where the Violet and Black went, We had already chopped it.

The Wiper switch

Well it was a nice day so lets make the effort and take the car outside, it did make it easier to spread the loom out a bit more. It is slowly reducing in size (still spaghetti junction though)

Lot of red wires left!

This was a pain in the arse, on the left you have a brand new Horn bought from a "Geordie" at Newark on the right you have the Donor item. Guess which one works! Not the Bloody new 4 item. We had to canibalise the old one and attach it to the new body, what a waste of time you expect a stupid thing like a horn to work if you buy it brand new.
Mind you I have a Geordie mate in Canada called Ged Robson, and I suppose if I bought anything off him it would not work, or at least be of dubious origin, Maybe its in the blood! No it cant be as Ged was actually born in Scotland he just talks like a Geordie.
Perhaps we are just unlucky!

Which one works?

This was the connector into the Sierra instrument cluster, we are not using this as we have a nice set of Dolomite clocks lined up. It was pretty easy to sort out the wires though just follow the circuit board on the back and take the relevant bulb out, Hold the cluster up to the light and "Bobs your uncle".

More wires, But Jim did ask!

Aghh sparks flying, pull the live wire free, Too late! Ah well this bit of chassis will not be visible on the finished car so nobody will know, Except 8 billion internet readers.


Another shot of the car outside, as you can see it is losing wires left right and center. It is getting easier to work out, the more we get rid off. So far the Lights, Indicators, Hazards, Horn and the wipers have been working. Now we have to tidy it all up and sort of position the wires into seperate looms, ie the loom for the left front includes all the light wires and the indicator and side repeater and possibly the Horn.
We are going to keep the looms seperate from the engine management sideof things, it will be easier should any further work be required.
As we go along we are making drawings of our circuit we will publish these on site once we get it all working.

Footnote: We never managed to do any circuit drawings, Sorry.

Bloody wiring is dragging on

Later on after we had done the Firewall we put in this Galvanised electrical tray, this supported our Main Power wire where it came out through the chassis tube. we made a large connector, Insulated with some cut heater hose to take all the live feeds from. Further on from this you can see the bottom of our Isolator switch which mounts quite nicely onto the tray and the key can be removed from the passenger footwell. .

Here we can see the underside of the tray with the Isolator Key in position. To the right you can see another use we have made for our spare Heater hose, we have cut some square sections from them and mounted some relays into the holes, Works quite nicely too.
You can also see our Fuse boxes which are screwed onto some Wood that is fitted to the Firewall. All this can be accessed from the Passenger Footwell Most of it will be covered in quick release panels (Except the Isolator Key).

Later on we had some problems getting the engine started, It had already been running but a few months later on when we had problems we decided to call in an expert, enter A Lloyd Evans (07876 490008) a Mobile Auto Electrician. He had a good look round the set up and quickly solved the starting problem which was the ECU so we put the Granada one in and hey presto it works. He was quite complimentary about our set up he did change the fuse set up a little, before if a fuse went we could lose the rear lights without knowing it so he set it up so that the sidelights were on 2 fuses so you could lose the left sidelights or the right (Not the front and back so there should always be some light showing at the back). So all in all this was money well spent.