MMR Jab The Real Story!

Those of you who watched the recent Documentary on Channel 4 "Dispatches" may have been taken in by it and decided that it was just "Scare Mongering"trying to Blame the MMR Vaccine on the massive increase in Autistism and other serious problems.
If you look on this site uk you will Get the real truth about the Jab, Not the Journalistic rubbish that is often shown. On this site you can read a statement by Dr Andrew Wakefield who has researched the Subject properly and knows what he is talking about unlike your "local community nurse" your GP who is possibly getting a Jab bonus and especially these "Poncy Celebrity Doctors" that sit on TV and tell you whats best for your children.
The claims on Dispatches by journalist Brian Deer were so full of mistruths and fabrications its criminal, they even tricked parents of Autistic children into helping them do their program, some parents responses you can read on Dr Wakefields site. I believe I can speak with a certain amount of authority on the matter of MMR (And Multiple Injections) because Joey is Autistic. Before the MMR he was developing quite normally after his MMR he was quite ill and developed differently, after his 5th birthday he was diagnosed as having "Aspergers Syndrome".
Joey's Mother and I both feel very strongly that it was the Multiple Injections which harmed our son. After his Sister Katie had the jab she developed a bad speech defect and severe Stomach problems. You may have been aware that there were a lot of people who had claims in against the Pharmacutical companies for damaging their children, Do you know what the top two symtoms were? "Autism and Speech and Bowel Problems"!
We were told we had an excellent case because of how ill Joey was after the injection. Unfortunately after taking a massive amount of Legal Aid money, the Solicitors just dumped everyone, Mmm I wonder how much influence the Government had over this?
Another reason I have very strong feelings against Multiple Injections is that I was in the RAF and went to the first Gulf War in 1991, I had "Multiple Injections" and was very ill after each batch of "Multiple Injections" Whooping Cough, Anthrax and Plague vaccines all given together despite warnings from the Medical Authority back home.
I now have been diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) A blood disorder and My health record since I returned has been really bad. To make matters worse Kate who was a post Gulf War Baby is also been diagnosed as having Lupus Type symptoms. Please don't be fooled by these real "Scare Mongering" campaigns that the Government and Media keep ramming down our throat's, MMR is not good its Bad and I would urge anyone to make sure their children are kept safe and Not give them any Multiple injections like the MMR.
Finally if the MMR was so safe, Why has "Blair" never admitted that he did "Not" give his latest Child the MMR ? "Come on Mr Blair, if its so safe surely its OK for Leo"

Bill Brown

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