New firewall, Our own design!

We decided to put the battery in the boot because we feel it would be better situated there, it would also give a bit of extra weight on the back wheels.
We are replacing the RH firewall with a straight across one made from Aluminium plate and a Ally angle to brace it all up. As you can see we cut some notches out of the angle and bent it to suit the bonnet section. once the Firewall plates are attached to angle it will all be nice and rigid.

Scuttle frame

The top of the angle is 40mm and half will support the fixed bit of the "Scuttle" and the other half will be a support for the opening part of the bonnet. We do not know how high we need to cut the sides yet so we will have to do the sidepanels first "Gulp".
This is a side view showing how much of a fixed scuttle we will be having, we might end up moving it a bit back depending on clearances of the vent holes in the bonnet.

40mm angle

Here is the new look "No Servo" brake setup, We will box the pedal box in to fit the Original Robin Hood mounting angle

Look at the room!

Right here we go, we have fitted both sidepanels so we know exactly where the scuttle will sit,
We have cut the bonnet into more manageable sizes, and now we are ready to carry on with our firewall.
First bit we fitted to the scuttle frame was the sheet of ally where the battery was originally (Misplaced), we bent the lower edge so it would screw nicely onto the chassis crossmember, then we rivitted another sheet which met up with the box on the side of the pedal box. We could have made this all one sheet but we did not have a sheet long enough, Doh.
Once all that was clamped together we made the bit that surrounds the pedal box, This was simple enough just bend a few sheets and angles and rivet them all together.

Yes ! better not to rush.

The whole assembly removes in one piece which will make it easy on the painting stage.
Now we tried the scuttle for size, and What do you know ? It was a nice fit!

Hurry up Joey....

Here is a view from the other side showing the Flat, uncluttered firwall.
You can see the Stainless Steel Bonnet hinge temporarily in place 8 from a stall at Stoneleigh (Our First Show). God that seems a long time ago, I suppose if we had rushed the build we might have been finished by now, but hey, we might have also buggered up, and put panels on back to front etc.
Also its not exactly a race to finish, Joey and I are enjoying the experience "Together" and remember he is only 13 years old, not many kids his age "Building their own cars".
Sorry about the rant its just some tossers have got on our nerves lately regarding how fast they built their cars, "Woopy bloody dooo".


Whats he listening to ? Answers on a postcard to...

Its Radio 2, The best Radio station

This is the bracket which holds our firewall in the correct place, it is a bit of angled steel, bent and with welded on bits to suit.
Two holes through the chassis member and a couple through the Firewall.

Left hand bracket

And this is the right hand side ! We had to fettle this bracket a bit to lower the firewall, it was sitting about 10mm too high but now it sits lovely.

Right hand bracket

Here we see Joey giving our Firewall a nice coat of Black Paint this is after we had gone round and sealed the edges and any gaps with Sealant.

And this what it looked like "All Black". As you can see it gives us a nice solid frame to attach both the Scuttle and the Bonnet to.