Our re-designed our pedal area.

Now we are building the car more to our own specification we have decided to tidy up the firewall behind the pedals.
Firstly we did not like the method of plating around the steering shaft, and it was a bit of a job trying to squeeze the clutch pedal so it did not contact the gearbox tunnel when depressed.
This is the way we are doing ours, we have made a flat plate of ally treadplate which fits flush along the top servo mounting panel it is held in place with a bit of ally angle in the engine bay, at the bottom end the plate is at a slight angle so it is further forward on the clutch pedal side and slopes back as it goes towards the side of the car. This allows us planty of room for the Clutch foot and still allows us plenty of space for the Exhaust outlet.
You can also see that the gearbox sidewall now curves slightly inwards at the top, this gives us a bit more space for our "Big Feet".

This is the curved bracket holding the inside of the plate to the gearbox sidewall panel, It is just a normal 90 deg bracket with 8 slots cut in the forward side which allow it to curve as required and will be pop riveted in place when the required curve is achived.

spot the bit of wood keeping the gap from the gearbox right

When we took it all off again we remembered to fit the clutch lever rubber cover as it would have been a bugger to fit once the tunnel was fitted permanently.
Notice the neat routing of the speedo cable.

Nice tidy speedo cable

Meanwhile Joey fits and seals up the rest of the inner cockpit panels.

Careful with that sealant mate

This looks a lot neater than the previous attempt, we will fit a piece of tube from the Steering shaft support through the rear panel to completely seal the footwell area from the engine bay. First we made a hole to fit the shaft through then enlarged it to fit our bit of galvanised tube through.
We moved the Clutch pedal slightly left to clear the steering mount, It was quite easy really just trimmed down one spacer and fitted a washer on the other side of the pedal.

Room for our big feet

This is the tube in place ready for trimming to size, You can also see the top and outer brackets gripped in place ready to drill all the rest of the rivet holes

Now we have trimmed, cut and splayed out the engine bay side, a few pop rivets will hold it in position and when its fitted the other end holds flush against the rubber bush on the steering shaft support.

3 rivets will suffice

Then we took the front panel off and rivetted the tube, inner and outer bracket in place using plenty of "jointing compound".

1 piece footwell end

Whilst Dad was messing around at the front Joey was busy filling the drivers side elbow panel.

Another quality job from Joey

Occasionally he popped down to see what Dad was up to.

Is that all you have done?

This is how the top of the steering rack tube fits against the support bracket making a nice seal.

Now we have our 90 Deg speedo adaptor we have to fill the hole that Richard so kindly cut for us, I can't see why he cuts bits like this out after all you have to cut lots of the stainless anyway surely he should leave bits like this and the Rear panel Tank slot to the builder should he require it.

nearly done

Here we have the speedo cable extension bracket fitted again, Permanently this time (we hope)