"Odd Job" Joey

Here is Joey modelling his "Diff filling tool" made from a Sunny Delight bottle some heatshrink and a piece of tube.

Clever lad this!

And this is him showing that his idea works well.

Nice one Mate

Now he is greasing the Propshaft, There was a problem with the front grease nipple, It was loose so all the grease Joey pumped in squirted out of the end of the nipple. Luckily he has a clever Dad who spotted this and tightened the nipple and the fill went ahead correctly.

Isn't Hindsight a wonderful thing, if we had known we would have binned the crappy long grease nipples fitted to the drive shafts as you will see that later on after a while they snap off and dump all the grewase and destroy the prop shaft, Oh well you live and learn

Check your nipples folks

God knows what he is doing here! (He does love his car though!)

Looks a bit perverted

Oh! He is deburring the holes he has drilled for the plate that he has made to cover the RH handbrake hole.

Happy looking chap

Here he is putting some sealant on the panel he has made, this will keep out the moisture and protect the metals against corrosion.

Steady pal

And this is his plate, which he made all on his own, I was very pleased with his effort

Nice one Joe

Another view a bit further out.

Still looks good mate

Wa'hey we have fitted our back panel, looks good and more importantly, the battery Fits nicely

A proud lad

Another view of the back panel fitted, you can just see the battery box peeping out forward of the back panel.

Looks good Dad

A bit limp, This is the battery box Drain/Vent pipe it was made using a rubber sheath from the Donor Sierra doors it works pretty well (Just looks a bit amusing)

Thank goodness it wont be seen when the car is built