More holes to fill

This is how Joey patched up the little holes between the rear panel and the floor, the first one was easy and he did it totally on his own. He cut out some stainless (Remember we have a big bit of side panel spare), He then manipulated it into shape with a big nylon hammer, he drilled a 3.3mm hole then gripped it in place and drilled a few more holes, then he took it all apart trimmed it down and de burred the holes, then he wet assembled it using some black RTV sealant.
RTV stands for "Room Temperature Vulcanising" if you want to bore your friends with trivia.

Clever lad this!

This is the other side which he did in the same way and looks just as good,
well done Joey.

Nice one Mate

Now this one was always going to be more difficult, its an odd shape to fill and we need to be careful because the seat butts right up against this bit so a nice square cover was not possible.
First we had to permanently fit the LH inner side panels, again we wet assembled them using RTV sealant and pop rivets

oo err now thats a hole!

Then we cut out a section of stainless and folded it to fit tightly around the rear wishbone mount. A pop rivet on the corner held the box shape and then we wet assembled it using RTV sealant, white this time as we have run out of black.

Not a hole now

Then we applied a fillet of sealant over the top to permanently seal it all up.

Nice and waterproof

This is the gap beside the outboard seatbelt mount this will be filled using the same method as before.

Another hole bites the dust

This is the hole below the outboard seatbelt mount, Joey Just made a little right angled plate and pop riveted it in place and sealed it up with RVT Sealant.

Another quick fill

This is how Joey filled Richard's Sierra Fuel tank hole, He is using "Speedtape" which is thick aluminium sticky backed tape which is used on Aircraft so if its safe for that, it's bound to be good enough for this silly hole.
We think that this cut should not be made in the kit, most people opt not to use the Donor's tank so surely they could cut the hole to suit themselves, I bet it need's quite a bit of sealing anyway. .

No more Silly Hole

This is the finished job nice and light and fully waterproof..

Next job please

Next thing was to fit the passenger tunnel panel, it was all wet assembled with RVT and pop rivetted.

Put your tools away Joey

So now the front and rear passanger panels are fitted for good, now we can set about clipping the Fuel and Brake pipes and the Loom in position in the tunnel.

Still to put the tools away, I see