The Pedal Box Jigsaw!

I don't know how "Trickys" cars go anywhere because if you study the video there is absolutely no reference to an accelerator pedal! Maybe this is because it is a pretty tricky (sorry) operation to fit one.
The Clutch/Brake box fits pretty easily although we struggled to get it as far as possible over to the left. The biggest problem was the brake pedal would contact the steering bush bracket, this is why we had to cut the slots in our new aluminium panel. I think if it was still the stainless steel panel you could just force the box over to the left and it would bend that little bit extra.
It is all a bit of a compromise exercise if you have small feet you have the problem of reaching the pedals, if like me you have rather large feet you struggle to fit in, especially if you do it "trickys" way.
This is how we fitted our Accelerator pedal giving us tall people a good chance of fitting in the car!
Click here for more on how we did it.

Pedal box with 3 bolts, not 2.