Tunnel top!

This is how we have positioned the top of our tunnel. The video shows a totally different Chassis where the front bit bends up following the chassis uprights. As our uprights are not exactly uprights we decided to cut a couple of "mouseholes" and keep the panel flat, it then meets up with the triangular panel over the gearbox and a couple of bends either side and we have a sealed centre column.

Just a bit of bending and it will fit fine!

We are not sure if this is how RH want you to do this bit but we are pretty pleased with the result.
Later on when we have finished putting all the brake pipes and electrics in we will replace the self tappers with pop rivets to fit these panels.

Looking back from the engine bay

And here it is screwed into position. Now came the problem of how to fit Joeys leather Gearstick Gator! Mmmm...

Nicely bent over

This is another bit of the build that we decided to change and go it alone, Our thoughts are that we did not need to cover the whole section with stainless and later on you will see that we used a smaller section of "Lighter" Ally just at the front end round the gearstick.