This is where we will mention any problems we come up with, some will no doubt be our own fault so don't laugh. We will start at the bottom and insert any items as required

Failure to secure the Bonnet

Not a fault with the car, just with the nut behind the wheel, read the whole sorry story in the "Driving the car" section

Prop Shaft Failure

Our Robin Hood Supplied Prob Shaft decided to "self destruct" due to some crappy grease nipples (after quite a few miles though) see how we sorted it in the "Driving the car" section


We have had a couple of Clutch issues, one time the pawl started to slip (No real problem to fix then the Clutch Spigot bearing failed completely which caused a bit more work! Ho Hum! read all about it in the "Driving the Car" Section

Front Wheel Bearing

The front Right Wheel bearing seal buggered itself read more in the "Even More Build" Section

Rattly Exhaust

We had to sort out a problem with the Robin Hood supplied Exhaust, look in the "Even more build" section.

Hole in the Radiator

Read all about Joey drilling through the Radiator in the "More Build" Section


Prior to taking the car to Barkston we needed to put another bolt in the front suspension lower mountings. This was something we were going to do anyway but Barkston brought it forward.I must admit that I was quite concerned to see the shape of the lower rubber bushes, considering we had only driven the car a short while at the Scampton open day the bushes are really misshapen. This is probably one of the reasons that a lot of people change these shockers so soon after they have built their cars! Footnote: Read more about the shocking quality of the Zeemerides in the "Even More Build" section where we finally get rid of them.

Bloody Rubbish

Speedo drive leak

We started to notice little puddles of oil on the front drive, we were hoping it was the trusty Mondeo dropping a bit of its oil but no, as usual the Mondeo was leak free and it was coming from the Hood, After leaving loads of paper under the car overnight we found the leak was from the Speedo Drive oil seal. This was not a very good sign, as you can see there was not much room for access to change the seal.
We went to "Lincoln Ford and ordered a seal for About 2.50, the bloke in the shop showed us this other bit that looked like it locked the seal in so as it was only 2.50 we ordered that as well. So then we waited, and waited, and waited and eventually the seal turned up but along with it was this bit that looked like a Hub bearing cover, I told them that was not what I needed so they re ordered said item! Again we waited and waited. Eventually 15 days later the same "Hub cover" turned up! I decided to remove our bits and take what we wanted in to Lincoln Ford to show them what we needed.
I was quite worried about how to remove this seal, in the end it was quite simply a matter of using a screwdriver and levering it out.Fitting the new one was also easy using a suitable sized piece of tube to drift it into place.

Bit of a Squeeze

Oil seal coming out

Bloody Rivnuts

We decided to use Rivnuts to fit the infill panels, we got them from Tifosi and as usual they arrived the next day.
Mr Tifosi said it is possible to fit Rivnuts without the correct tool using a nut and bolt of the corrosponding size, but we tried and it was bloody hard so we bought a pair of "Rivnut Plyers" from Portland tools in Lincoln, there was two models one was 40 and one was 17, we decided on the cheap version but of course it only lasted about 10 nuts and then snapped !
Bugger we only had 4 to go and then were finished, so as this was Saturday Afternoon we had to wait till Monday to get them replaced, More holdups
This is the first time we have used Rivnuts and were not really impressed they are bloody awkward to fit, don't fit flush and bugger your new tool.
If we could do it again we would "Pop rivet" the infills on, after all how often would you remove the things? Never!

NEVER, use Rivnuts

Horn Problems

After (Temporarily) fitting the boss and wiring it up, we found it needed about 10 tons of force to operate the horn. Something not quite right here we thought.
In the end we glued a nylon washer to the center piece of the horn as you can see on the picture. It now works fine.
We do not know if all the bits were actually in the box with the "boss" and possibly there was an extension for the middle bit, But then again this is a Robin Hood, probably not.

Beep Beep

We are Banned from the Scrappy!

We went to Windly's scrapyard in Tattershall, which is huge we have been there before and spent 2 hours looking around (Great fun!). But this time we went the man would not let Joey and Katie in! Miserable sod.
Joey and Katie were pretty pissed off I can tell you. Apparently the "Health and Shifty" people had been there recently and told them off so its grown ups only. What a pain in the arse!
I used to love trawling round the scrapyard with my Dad (That was the only place he ever took me)
Problem is Katie will now have to find another way of supplimenting her pocket money now she cannot search under the seats of the old bangers.

OK we are "not"Banned from the Scrappy!

We tried again today and the same bloke let us in! Maybe he was having a bad day last time or perhaps it was Katie who looks a bit suspicious. 2 hours later we left 32 lighter we did get a wiper and arms and some seals look in the build section to see the wiper motor type (Hope it works now!)

A tale of P-Clips

The Bloody P-clips Don't fit, We started to fit the brake pipes tonight and got out our nice new bag of P-clips we got from Tifosi, and guess what ? the buggers are too big! We tried them on our fuel pipe and they are too small Aghhh.
I did speak on the phone to Mr Tifosi and even went out to measure the diameter of the pipe and look where its got us.
Mind you when I phoned Mr Tifosi again he apologised and sent me a new pack out straight away. Good service we think.

Too Big

Too Small


Much to Joeys amusement Dad cut his finger on the tunnel Stainless.
I got my own back though, I wiped all my blood over Joey's overalls. Ha Ha. "Bloody sharp this Stainless"

It's only a Scratch

Drat We have broken our first Drill

This drill has done a great job, it has drilled about 200 holes mostly in Stainless steel. Sadly it broke when I was drilling up from below the car whilst Joey was pressing down on the steel seat strap, (I think he bounced when I got through the floor and started on the strap). So remember to drill slowly and you can also get a lot out of your drills.

RIP Mr Cobalt

Oops a Stripped Thread

Joey learns a lesson about tightening Bolts into cast Aluminium, Look what happened to our Gearbox top


Throttle "STOP"

Joey was trying out the Pedal movement, He was pressing hard on the Clutch (No problem) the Brake (No problem, not connected) but when he put all his weight on the Accelerator pedal "BANG"
Best we fit a Pedal stop sooner rather than later!

Heavy Foot

Scratched Knee

This is what Joey managed to do to his knee whilst he was bending the drivers firewall.
Poor little fellow, You should see the heap of plasters he put on the wound.
Shares in Band Aid have risen dramatically since Joey did this. OK it was a bit more than a scratch but boy did he shout, Joey is learning fast that engineers frequently hurt themselves. He has not managed the art of doing it quietly yet! Check out this for a cut, Ouch!


Scratched Bonnet

During the fitting of the nose cone we found a bit of a problem with the surface finish,of our bonnet, Its a pain in the arse but we are not going to get too stressed about it

Quality control Issue Here!

New Camshaft Problems

Well not strictly new camshaft problems a bit of finger trouble too. When we got our nice new shiny camshaft kit we threw the old dog eared item away, unfortunately for us it still had the woodruff key in it. I thought there would be one fitted to the new one! Drat another couple of trips to the Ford dealers. We did think about robbing it from the "spare" Granada but that would mean it would no longer be a runner, so we will just try for a new one.
We got the valves in by using a large "G" clamp and a cut down plug socket, and a little screwdriver to guide the colletts in. It was easy and saved getting a special valve spring compressor.

Collet removal tool

Joey's just noticed that he's not allowed to work on the car

On the video Richard says keep children and animals away from the workplace so that means Joey's out of the garage for good. Mind you why has Richard got a garage full of dogs then?

Bloody Fords

"The Mondeos Dead" I was just telling my mate Stewart how reliable my Mondeo TD is and that very night it broke Big time. The Idler sprocket had broke knackering the cambelt resulting in One Camshaft, becoming 3 Camshafts. So 500 to get that bugger fixed 86 to tax another mates car so I have transport, 32 for extra insurance.
Still at least the Robin Hoods coming on.

Joeys Broken his hand

"The Lad's a disaster area" Well now the daft bugger fell over at school today and broke a bone in his hand. Looks like Dad will have to do more of the work now. This was one evening that we could not do any work on the car, 3 hours in A & E stopped all our fun.
Bet Tony "Bloody" Blair and his cronies does not have to wait so long to get Leo seen too.

Front Wishbolts

"These Bolts dont fit" We struggled to fit the bracket at the rear of the top Wishbone, the one shown in the video seems to fit much better than ours, We had to trim ours down loads just to get them to fit flush. You have to be careful that the hole you drill upwards into the chassis is central between the 2 Chassis This is the view rearwards to where you fit the wishbone rear detachable bracket,
See how little room there is between the tubes! We had to buy 4 new bolts (10 x 80) because of the amount of shimming needed meant the bolts supplied were too short for all 4 of the rear wishbone attachment lugs. (Sign of things to come perhaps)

Tight Squeeze

If You Watch the Video

"Watch it all!" At the start of the videos Richard tells you to watch all four over a few times before you start, Well we started doing this but it got very disheartening when he tells you how you need to strip down the front McPherson struts and remove this and that! Guess who threw away the front struts? Later on after 30 mins watching him strip down these rusty bits he tells you that if you have the Double wishbone and Enhancement kits "You don't need these bits. Arggh!

Wrong Springs

We were given the wrong bits on the collection day and never realised till we got home, took me quite a while to work out where the "Red" springs went, Front ? Rear? Nah ! they go on the bloody Sliding Pillock model, Drat it.
Never mind a quick call to Richard Stewart (Who answered the call straight away) sorted the problem and our new ones were delivered shortly.

we dont want sliding pillar bits

Day 1

Didn't start too well We had picked up our "Budget" van the day before and the brakes were juddering like mad, then on the day of collection the bugger didn't start. Rhino hire came out very quickly and replaced the van, unfortunately the only van we could have had a dodgy handbrake, Oh well at least we made it there and back without any more issues. (Pictures on "Collection Day" link)