Rack and Wishbones!

Bathrooms finally done (well almost, only the shower and some brickwork/cladding to do, Oh and the new radiator).
Back to the car. We have had the front end finished in black.
We are happy with the result Jim's done a good job, quite surprising really when you see what he produces at work.
We did forget to do the bit that the spare wheel sits on so we will have to do a bit of grovelling again later.
You will notice later in our build we had to fit some Wedges to the rack to reduce the angle that the Steering shaft meets the Rack, this stopped the streering from feeling notchy and also helped us with some clearance issues between the steering shaft and Manifold.

Look the racks fitted

Heres another view of the finished Rack and Wishbones, The Wishbones all move smoothly up and down so we are quite happy there. Next comes the Dummy fittings and the Stub Axles. Drat we have forgot how the top bits fit!
Thinks we will have to watch the video a bit more.

So what way should the next bits point!