Now we have decided where the handbrake is going, we have decided to permanently fit the back panel. Firstly we marked where to trim what we can from the rear of the floor panel.
We are putting a row of "Pop" rivets along the top of the back panel and a double row where it meets the floor panel.
Also there is a few more where the chassis meets the panel at the side, and on the Dion tube.

Handbrake assembly without the seatback panel fitted!

This is Joeys first go at "Riveting" he managed well with the lazy tongs but struggled a bit squeezing the hand riveter. I had to drill the first one he put in out because it was not seated right. (Bit like some of the duffers at my work really, Paul Mumford!)
We used some of the silicon sealant which came with the kit and sandwiched it between the stainless panels, we dipped the rivets in some jointing compound for extra rust protection.

Joey about to pop

This is how it looks at the top of the panel. We spaced the rivets out evenly 26.4mm apart.
(Only kidding we did it by eye and it seems OK).

Look at them spacings!

The back panel looks quite kinked in the picture, but that is just the flash doing that it is in fact pretty flat.

Is that a bold patch Joey has there?

Here is a nice artistic shot of Joey at work reflected in the back panel.
He is putting the pop rivets in the floor prior to attacking them with the Lazy Tongs

Look at that concentration

And here is the finished job. We still have to make some plates up to fill the gaps that are left at the sides and cover the whole area with some sealant but we are pretty happy with the back panel so far. Seems a shame to cover it with carpet.

Look there is a little love heart on one of the rivets Ahh