Opening up the Dion tube bolt hole.

Joey grinding out the lower tube to get the bolt head through the void.
He is using a rotory file to make a nice round hole which we will plug with a rubber grommet. Notice we have the wrong cup washers at the lower end we could not work out which to use at first but the flatter ones are in now.

Where's the chisel?

Footnote: If we were to do this stage again rather than mess around with the donor suspension washers we would have fabricated a nice "Flat" Washer to cover the rubber section, and also either dimpled it so the securing bolt was flush or use a really flat bolt. We would go this route because we are finding the bolt heads are forever bottoming out on the bumpy bits, you really do need all the clearance you can get on a 2B.
Look at the picture and you can see that by using a nice flat washer you would gain a good 10mm.

We have now done it properly now and look what a difference it makes! Click me!