Ford Sierra Sapphire

"F775 HSS"

September 8th 2002

Nothings been done yet

 Well this is it! the 2 Litre fuel injected Sapphire which was destined to become our donor. We put up a wanted advert in our local Safeway, it was not very long before we started to get get the calls (3 in total).
 We went round to see this one.It looked pretty sad for itself, it had collision damage to the LH rear which was fine for us not for the seller. It was what we wanted a 2 Ltr pinto, and it started and sounded OK, A bit tappy at the top end but not too bad.
 Now the bargaining, I started at 50 he said he wanted 100, I said 70 he said OK. Deal done. He even delivered it to my house the next night, What a nice man. We ran the engine for 20 minutes whilst we started to empty the car out, It had 5 RS alloy wheels which should sell easily. Joey and his sister Katie enjoyed taking out the seats and door trims and a few other bits. Katie was the first to wreck something we might have used when she took off the front numberplate with a pair of plyers, oops.

Whats this?

 This is what was left after after 7 days. The day before we had removed the engine. We cut off the front chassis and manhandled the lump out, it was bloody heavy.
 We also finally got the wiring loom out fully, all ends labelled up nicely and it's now stored in a bin bag for later sorting. We tried to cut out the front screen whole as it was a heated type and thought it might sell OK but guess what? A little crack ended up a huge spiders web all over the screen. Oh well more for the tip. Managed to get the heated rear window out no problem but dropped it later and it shattered. So far everything we need for the "RH" seems good a lot of newish bits were on this Kebab.  We were rushing this stage as much as we could so we could get as much as possible inside the garage in case rain stopped play, Yes, Yes, I know it has not rained since we started.

September 19th 2002

Nearly Gone thank goodness

 This is the 11th day and this is the last bit left outside that we need. The rest has been trailered off to the tip, We even got 6 from the scrap merchant for the chassis. It took 4 trips in total and it took me about 6 hours to cut the chassis in 3 to fit on the trailer. But at I didnt have to pay someone to take it away, and the front of the house no longer looks like a breakers yard.
 The garage though! well you had to have training with "Chris Bonnington" to get in there was bits piled high everywhere the sheds were full as well so the next stage was to dispose of the bits we were sure we didn't need but thats another story.