Side and rear

After our dismal first attempt at fitting the RH sidepanel fitting the LH one was a doddle, we just made sure that the top forward gap between it and the chassis was packed out with spacers.
It has caused a bit of a problem, how to fix the panel to the chassis where the packers are at their thickest in the end we have decided on using self tappers and grinding some of the head away so it will not stick out where the Scuttle will be fitted. We could not use rivets as they don't do any pop rivets about a foot long.

Look at that Array!

We have a little "Dint" in the side panel, Sod knows how it got there as it does not even fit against the chassis at this point. Never mind though we will skillfully disguise it using our side repeater lamp, the dint is just below where you see the side repeater dangling so it will be in a pretty good place.

Oh Bugger it!

And here we have the proud lad himself with his pride and joy, He is really enjoying the build and learning all these new skills. We have taken all the white plastic off the car because if you left it on like a lot of people do and only fold back the bits they are working on, it is quite easy to get a piece of swarf trapped in between the tape and the panel and this could lead to scratching ! So our swarf just falls to the groung instead. (Well thats the theory anyway and it seems to work)


Now we are fitting the "Rear panel" permanently, It was all relatively simple just drill the holes and self trapper into place. We started with the bottom then from either side and finally the back, That just left this chunk on the corner to trim down.

Cut along the blue line

There was no problems regarding where our Battery was fitted, now the rear panel is fitted the battery looks even more snug, We are really glad we put it here in this spare space rather than try to squeeze it in down the front.

nice one!

This could have been a bit dodgy ! I was screwing the rear panel on using our smart "Black and Decker" Screwdriver when the bloody head snapped off the self tapper! Wahhey,,, check out the scratch, Bugger it.
Thank goodness the rear wheel arch will cover this, Phew!


Now here we see Joey bending over the tabs on the rear wheel arch, we have already screwed and glued it together which was pretty easy really.

Concentrate Pal

He looks a bit "Guilty" here doesn't he? No seriously he did a good job and it all went well.

What are you lot staring at?

Here he is with the rear arches fitted,we now have to remove, trim and deburr them and then reassemble them with the "tadpole beading" to fill the gaps, Otherwise it would look crap and people would say we had raced to finish the build!

It's getting wider Dad

End of a late nights work, time for a bath.

Good nights work

Here it is fitted complete with the tadpole beading that you have to fit else you will see all the holes in arch. Ha Ha !

You must be stupid not to fit it

This is the bent over bit on the rear panel, It has been squeezed together and bolted in a couple of places Just like the video shows.

This is the view from the inside, you can see the fingers bent over and the tadpole beading pop rivited in place.

We had to see what it looked like with the spare wheel fitted!

Very nice

Now here is Joey screwing the newly cut stoneguard in place, We did not use Richards small tadpole beading because it was "Grey!" Why have that a different colour than the rest of the beading?
It was a straightforward job really, Joey made a cardboard template and I cut the panel with the "Gilbows", We glued the black seal in place and then rivitted it in place using Stainless Rivets.

Careful pal

Our stoneguard is probably about an inch or so higher up than some, but we had a scratch to cover, Not our doing either it was found under the white plastic, More supplier problems I think.

Here is a nice shot of the finished item, Looks good we think.

Nice Job Joey

The car does suffer from a standard 2B problem, that is the Right side wheel sticks out a little bit more than the left one. There seems to be nothing that we could have done to solve this and its not too noticeable, so hopefully the SVA man will not pick it up. If he does we will just have to fit the Donor wheels as they stick out less.

Footnote: Later on we did sort this problem out by cutting off the GRP and moving it out an inch or so, you will see how we did it on another section of the website

Here she is outside with the wings fitted, the ride height needs adjusting but that will come later, We intend putting some plastic lining inside the arch so you can't see all the suspension gubbins.