Infill and Side panels

Right nows the time to fit the side panels, first we had to remove our carefully fitted wishbones, and front suspension. This is not too bad as we have decided that the black paint that Jim so kindly painted on is crap, Suppose we should have asked a professional Ha Ha, no honestly its the actual paint it scratches real easy.
Anyway we are getting them powder coated there is a local man who does this kind of thing we don't know yet how much it will cost but he said he coats a whole motorbike frame for 90 so it won't be that much.

Off comes the stub axle

The infill panel positioned as required, now to start cutting and bending.

Where are the Gilbows then?!

The infill panel fitted really easily, it took a while to work out if it fitted under or over the side panel, but in the end we chose "Under". The videos are as expected no help on this part of the build, so in the end you just have to go for it.
The eagle eyed experts may have spotted a small boob in the picture, see if you can work it out.
We have trimmed the front and self tapped it in place, we have not yet bent the lower edge.

Nice fit!

Right just to put you all out of your misery, here is the "dropped bollock" We have trimmed the flange off the rear bit instead of bending it over so where the side panel meets it there would be a gap under the bonnet, Drat.
Never mind enter the spare buckled sidepanel....

Dad went mad with the Gilbows

Here is the over chopped infill panel being used as a template to make a new one out of the buckled sidepanel. It actually fitted lovely in the end, and nobody will ever know that we messed up the first one!

Be careful with them Gilbows

This is it all marked out ready to cut. It was cut with the trusty Gilbows we drilled a few holes to get them in the steering rack hole. we made this slightly bigger than the original because it came quite close at the top end.

Here goes

And here it is fitted, phew that was close!
Now onto the side panel.

Next comes the really scary bit

This is the side panel being placed in position, we are both quite nervous about this we dont want a repeat of last time and another 75 bill. Mind you we are following the NW hoodies advice so we should be OK.
It was a bit confusing about what goes on top, the side panel or the infill? The cut out on the sidepanel at the top front seems to be pretty pointless to us, What we will do with that bit is fit a Ally strengthening plate so the headlight braided hose can attach through.
PS katie is lovely (I told her I would leave that bit in xx)

I was showing Katie how to do HTML!

Look at the size of this gap! No wonder the last one buckled, we did not pack it out (The Video's say nothing about packing out) it ranges from 2mm at the front to 15mm at the rear, we will pack that out with some paxylin block trimmed to size.

The Grand Canyon

This is just before we drilled the holes in the bottom front flange, The side panel is all clamped in position with the packing in place under the top flange.

Well here goes

Now here is the rear end of the panel, It sticks out a bit doesn't it? This is where it gets scary, its at this point I just kept thinking "75, 75, 75" arghh. Actually this time because we had packed out the top end at the front the bending over bit went really well and we just pressed inwards and downwards on the top edge and it worked this time.

Once we had bent the top end in and caused the nice curve (without kinks) we drilled a small hole in the chassis and screwed in a self tapper and tucked the panel underneath it and it kept our curve nicely in position.

next thing we did was secure the top edge with selp tappers and cut the notches around the chassis tube that goes upwards.

Well Dad this side looks OK, We only have one more to do!