Backward Step Number 1 !

OK when we started looking at the sump, we looked at a lot of the advice and drawings on the RHOCar site.
We decided to wait and see if ours would stick down too much. "Bad Mistake OK"
In our defence the sump we had seemed to be a lot shallower than the one that is being cut down on the web.
We should have cut it down anyway as it stuck out a good 2 inches, which does not sound too much,
but when you are talking RH ground clearances that extra 2 inches more is a godsend.
Another reason to do it before you fit your engine is that you have to lift the bugger up again so you can squeeze the sump out past the bendy pipe that goes under the engine.
The next thing is some clever person will tell us that we have to take off our nicely fitted wishbones, so that we can fit the infill panels, Mmm!
OK so we slept through some of the video's! So what, bet we are not the only ones.
Here's some more pictures of the making of the sump

Joey cleaning out the sump,  Again !