Under the Bonnet !

Here is the 2 Ally brackets that hold our Radiator in position, We have rubber mounted them at the radiator end to soak up any vibrations. The bottom is supported by a rubber strap underneath the radiator, It probably did not need any extra support at the bottom because it was held pretty rigid by the lower water pipe and its suppoort bracket.

This is the fan mounted in position, it has a little rubber mounted peg at the bottom and a small rubber mounted brackets on either side, Joey was not happy because it was pretty mucky, straight from the scrappys..........

Needs a bit of work Dad !

So off he went doing his favourite job "Cleaning" first he scrubbed up the plastic with some soapy water...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to work I go!

Then he got stuck in on the rusty metal bit in the center out with the Emery followed by some excellent stuff "Micromesh" Its like really fine emery and brings up Metal/ plastic and other surfaces a treat. We will probably have a try with some of the fine scratches on the SS later on when we have more time.

We forgot to mention the fan we have used is off a Nissan Something or other, it is smaller that the RHood supplied item (Not a lot I suppose). We reverse mounted the Fan so it was a proper "Blower" and are well pleased with it you get a proper blow job when you connect the battery. Oooh err!

Then Joey started on the "shroud" around the fan.Now this is something he has done completely by himself, and I think he has shown a lot of skill to work out the sizes and bends of the metal plates.

OK a quick diverse from the Radiator cowling and on to the exhaust heat shield, Another Job that His Nibs managed all by himself, Oh I tell a lie, I did the bit in the middle where the clutch cable goes through. I used a household water pipe coupling and tightened that to the SS Heat shield underneath there is a bit off Copper pipe which guides the cable clear of the nasty exhaust manifold. It has had a bit of added protection of some exhaust wrap in the pipework.

Cool clutch cable, we hope.

And here is a quick view of our nearly finished Wiring in the engine bay, you can also see our proper injection filter mounted under the injectors (RH Side)

Here is a better shot of the Nice new Injection Filter we will secure that to a bracket somewhere below the Injection Manifold.