The Families open day at VT Aerospace, Scampton.

On 23 July 03, VT Aerospace where I work held an families day which ran in conjunction with the RAF Red arrows families day.
Joey and I were asked if we would display the car in the hanger. Well the thought of Showing off the car over the families day, and then getting a day off in lieu made the decision very easy. YES!
After a bit of trouble getting hold of a car trailer we used the works own Side loader, as you can see it was a very tight fit but 4 of us managed to load it up at our house.
We ran the front wheels up the ramps onto the trailer then we waddled back and forward holding up the back end whilst steering the wheels into position, then pushed the rear into line. It probably looked quite funny watching the four of us struggling.
The bonnet was carried on the van as there was no way it would fit in the 2 inches we had spare.

What a tight fit!

This is Des, Neil and Duggie taking a well earned rest.
This is the position Des and Duggie use most when at work (Sitting down)

3 sore backs!

Oh dear the Old Man struggles to get up.

Send for a first aider!

There was a lot of interest in the new arrival, I think most were suitably impressed.

Get back to work you lot!

Paul decides he better get some work done before hometime.
Thats a Tucano parked in the background.

Lets get it in before it rains

This is where Joeys car spent the night before the show. Parked up next to the RAF's finest! Well a trainer aircraft anyway.

0 to 60 race! no problem

VT's Golden Boy "Tony Darrant" had a quick play unaware that I had my camera.

Brum Brumm Brummm

On the day of the show Joey was called over to help set up the Tucano display, he had to pull the ripcord on the Inflatable Dingy, he was very wary of the whole thing. I think he expected a huge explosion. Mind you I don't think I would trust anyone who asked me to "pull this handle"

Go on Joey dont be a Jessy!

Actually it didn't make much of a bang, more of a loudish phut noise. Joey didn't hang around just in case.

Joey runs away

Our Display set up, we printed a load of pictures showing the process so far. We brought in a computer which had the website installed on it so people could look around the site. At the front of the car is whats left of the wiring loom, this seemed to be quite a point of interest and a lot of people said how scary it looks.
Joey and I had worked quite hard the night before to get the under floor strenghtening in so we could fit the seats. In the end people were getting their pictures taken in the Tucano and then getting it done in the car.
We made up some free key rings of Joeys Car and the web address.
We also had a collection box for the "National Autistic Society" and a lot of people contributed nicely, Some people are particularly tight though!
One person was quite happy to have his 3 kids crawl over the car get their pictures taken and take a handful of goodies but when the collection box was offered, He had No money!
(I know what to say if he ever wants his computer fixed again!----Bollocks.)
Thanks to all who did contribute though.

Joey waiting for the crowds

There was "Old" people sitting in the car..........

Looks like Dougie's sitting on something pointed

And there was young people sitting in the car!

Joey enjoying the occasion!

There was certainly some dodgy looking people sitting in the car!

Bombhead's everywhere

Now this is real power! Wonder how well the RH would go with one of these engines? A F16 fighter from The Netherlands. One of the many aircraft on display.
There was a Tornado that gave an excellent display of speed and noise, The Tucano buzzed around (I didn't see that though, too much like work)
There was a Harrier and The Red Arrows all doing their bit flying around making lots of noise. One impressive display was the "Utterly Butterly" team, 3 Bi-Planes which wizzed around with people strapped on top! It was pretty cool.
(I bet they were pretty cool too standing up there)

Mean Beasty!

Another Happy Customer!

Hi Nathan!

All in all it was a thouroughly enjoyable day. There was a lot of interest shown by a lot of people young and old. Joey was in his element and did a really good job. We both would like to thank all the people who contributed towards making the show work so well.
Next year hopefully we will be taking people for a ride in the car (Except the Tight buggers)

What a day!