Tal-Y-Bont with The North West Hoodies

What an excellent Bunch

Here is the accomodation for our weekend in Wales, the room on the top left is a "Non Snoring" room.
"Andy Campbell" only managed the first night in there, god what a racket ! I was still awake at half past 2 in the morning,
"Eric the Barrow" and "Adrian" had moved downstairs long before that.


Here he is strapped in his ride for the day, "Blackpool John" very kindly volunteered to be his Chauffer for the day.
I was to be ballast in "Tony Tanks" car.

Here we go

First leg was a trip through the little country roads up to a lake somewhere in Wales!. The roads were very steep and Narrow.

What a nice puddle

This was where we stopped for a quick break, "Literally" for some like Adrian who masterfully reversed into the bank and broke his numberplate Oops, This place was bloody miles from everywhere but typically there was a man there replacing the Toilet door.

Just cross your legs Joey

On the way again, and we saw some really beautiful scenery, the roads were wider and still nice and free from traffic. "Tony Tank" kindly stopped the convoy so I could have a go at driving his "Hood", This is the first time I ever driven one and was very grateful to Tony for giving me this chance. I must admit I could have driven one earlier as "Big Jim" offered me a go in his at Newark, But! I had been drinking all afternoon so I missed that one.
I must admit I was a little nervous at first especially as a lot of the convoy could communicate via CB radio's, so if I stalled "Big Jim" would find out straight away.
As it was it all went really well Tony's car was very nice to drive, Because he has his seat rail fitted the seat I was sitting higher than I would be in our car. Also his wheel is lower than ours so it was a bit of a tight fit for me, I had to take off my shoes to operate the pedals. Because I was sitting so high I was looking straight at the windscreen frame and I had to either look over or duck under to see the road. But despite all this I really enjoyed myself, it was like driving a big "go kart", great fun.

Here is our next stop, Lan***************Gogogoch.
It was amazing to see the response of people to the convoy, people waved, took photo's and cheered it was great.

Lan what?

And as usual wherever we parked people would come and look, it was quite a sight to see.

Talking of "sights to see" Joey tried on some traditional Welsh headgear in the gift shop, suits him don't you think?

Nice Boy

Then it was back on the road and we did some dual carriageway motoring on our way to Anglesee.

When the dual carriageway turned into somebodies driveway, we realised that "Robbo" had done it again, We were lost.
Here he and Mitch study the map to try and establish where we were!

I'm sure it was a left turn Mitch

All the "Hoods" wait patiently.

Toot Toot

Then there was a bit of a jam as the "Hoods" try to extract themselves from "Mr Jones" front drive.
This time "Big Jim" took over at the helm, "Robbo" sulked at the back.

                                                                         Oops look like we are lost again
Think again ! This is the dirt track that leads to Jim's cousin Sue and her husband Tom's house, he gave them a quick phone call saying he is bringing 23 mates for tea and biscuits.

90 right maybee

What a sight it must have been for the poor people, while they desperately tried to find more cups.

Not all the cars made it, some resorted to walk the short distance to the house, First failure was "Big Kev" who only got about 4 feet onto the track before deciding enough was enough, Never mind Kev the walk was good for you.

Joey met an old friend of "Big Jims"
Meet Sophie, the sheep that thinks its a Dog !

Excuse me young man have you seen Big Jim?

Suitably refreshed we were on the move again, here Joey is checking his Dad is still behind him.

C'mon Dad

More lovely clear roads on the way back to the house. Even the Weather held out for us.

Most of the weekend was spent at one of the many refreshment establishments on route, Petrol refreshment, I am not used to having to stop so often, The good old faithful Mondeo never needed any fuel all weekend, And then I used it for work all week without filling up. So thats something I will have to get used to when Joey's Hood is on the road.

12 Thirsty Hoods!

We never saw any !

This is a funny rule!

Day two and this picture really shows how Joey enjoyed himself ! Here he is ready to go in "Andy Windows" Car.

This is cool!

Right off we go, I was relegated to the Mondeo again as we were going straight home afterwards but Joey abandoned me in favour another Hood after Andys kind offer.

We went to a Museum in Llangollen, Joey was in his element amongst the old relics, "Big Jim", "Eric", "Irish Bob" Etc.

Ha Ha Ha

What a sight, looks good eh?

Last stop was the "Horseshoe Pass" for a quick drink and chinwag before the homeward journey. There was loads of "Bikers" there all looking very pretty in their poncy leathers, complete with silly humps on their backs, now that is really necessary for the road isn't it? One bloke came over and suggested that we would be better off on two wheels! Lucky he did not say that to me, Tosser!
There was still loads of interest in the "convoy" though.

4 wheels rule!

And here is a very happy little man, Thanks to all the NW Hoodies!

Here's to the next time.