The Windscreen Wipers.

We made a good find today at the scrappys at Tattershall.
After a lot of hunting around for a Mini to rob the Wiper motor, we found a Midas kit car sitting there looking very sorry for itself, it had the Mini style wiper system.
There was not much left on the poor little thing, Its a real shame because the shell was all complete and could be built up no problem. I must admit when the bloke said 30 + VAT I nearly said "For a F****G Wiper! But I managed to refrain from asking him where he keeps his mask.
I suppose its been years since I bought something like this from the scrappys and prices do go up. I did find a hands free kit for my mobile though so that makes it a bit more worthwhile.

Bloody 35 quid for that!

This is what all the veteran kit car builders use (We think), the flexy cable is a lot easier to position and a lot more compact. We looked at loads of small cars and only the Midas had this system fitted, I thought there would have been a few more "Small" cars with this set up, but this was the only one.
Possibly this set up is more prone to wear and tear and that is why it seems to be replaced with the rigid arm type of mechanism.

Cmon Joey more bits to clean up

This is the "Bowden" type Cable that controls the wiper arms. It is a lot more flexible than the rigid arm type of wiper system, You can bend the conduit to suit your needs and position the wipers a lot easier.

We will strip it all down and grease it up

We just have to position this bit in the right place and our wipers are done! (If only)

More cleaning for Joey!

The wiper arms are fairly short as you can see, it will be easy to shorten them further if required.
At least we are keeping another "Kit Car" alive in a small way.
Mind you we found a Porsche 911 and wanted something off that just for show but we could not find anything.

Hope they fit

This is where we are situating the wiper motor, On the drivers side we have attached a strip of Stainless from the chassis tube to our Steering column support. The motor is then secured to it using a Jubilee clip which allows us move the motor so that the wiper arms fit exactly through the Scuttle holes.

The wiring was simple enough I just used the old Moped battery and attached it to the Motors Earth connector and then connected up the plug one at a time this showed us what was the slow and fast speed connectors. What I did not do but found out later was the wipers were not Parking "Oops" so the last connector needed to be connected to an ignition live wire, Easily done and now our motor parks as required.

Joey fell for the oldest trick in the book and stood beside the car to watch the wiper motor "Turning" when in fact Dad was testing the "Squirter Motor" and look where the pipe was pointing!
Silly Boy.

What a Plonker

( Later on in the "Even More Build" pages there is a feature on how we fitted the wipers to the motor.)