A Quick Holiday in Scotland!

We had a short break in Scotland, It was based around a "Sun Newspaper" Holiday with a base in Wemyss West of Glasgow. We planned to travel around a bit from there for the first 3 days then head North and see how high we could get.
We have already had a few of these cheap hols in "Isle of Wight", "Yorkshire" and "Mablethorpe" and they are really good . At first I expected to see loads of people wondering around with copies of "The Stun" sticking out of their jeans pockets but it was not like that at all. First stop was Penrith for a quick bite to eat, Joey and I were quickly reminded of what we were missing when we saw this Pub in the centre of town!

Robin Hood Inn! What would that remind us of?

First night in our Residential caravan at Wemyss, Excellent views and nice accomodation.I must admit that it was a bit noisy on the first night we were right next to a footpath and all the pissed up pub leavers were a bit noisy walking past, Mmm not too happy but hopefully it will be better the next night.

The first whole day we went into Glasgow and yes it rained !
Still we did a lot whilst we were there.
I have to say that all the Glasgow people we met were increadibly friendly.

Hurry up Mum!

The Museum of transport was great, and to top it all it was Free!
There was streets made up like the olden days.

And at the end of the street Joey and Katie tried to blend into the painting.

One of the vehicles on display was this Immaculate Avenger, An Estate just like the one Grandad Jimmy had.

Unfortunately Ruth and Katie took shine to this horrible Van painted up like an Indian Restraunt, Ugh!

We then took a Taxi to the "Necropolis" which is an old Graveyard which we have seen on a a "Billy Connolly" video.
It is a fantastic place right up high on a hill it was a really impressive place well worth the visit.

This was the main one we were looking for "Charles Tennant of St Rollox", Billy was laughing his head off at the way poor Charles was sitting looking really Knackered with his hand in an odd shape and bereft of his nose...

See what we mean, looks like the poor bloke's knackered himself out! Ha Ha.

And here is the impressive "John Knox" monument, I must say it again it was an excellent place to visit.

Another place advertised by "Billy" was the oldest building in Glasgow, Joey was most impressed to see a Hummer 2 driving past, Kin Ell it was massive! They did get accosted by a friendly drunk at the door who was more impressed by Joeys RHOCAR hat.

When we were travilling back to Wemyss we stopped at Gourock for a carry out and we met a really nice gent who showed us a really good viewpoint which overlooked the whole town, as you can see it really is an excellent view.

After tea we had a walk down to the beach and watched the ferries travelling off to the islands to the north. We planned to take a ferry from Gourock to Dunoon and travel north from there.
Unfortunately that night in our caravan was the worst ever, we had a constant stream of pissed up buggers staggering past Arghh! Then the tossers in the next caravan sat outside talking till 0330 then another bunch of drunk B**$%s came along very loudly. Arghhhhh!
Bollox to this first thing the next morning we checked out, Never again!
We gave a long toot of the horn just to make sure the W*****s in caravan 65 were awake nice and early, Tossers!

Here we are on the ferry, Excellent value 15 saved us loads of driving and Katie was very excited to see Porpoises leaping out of the water all around the ferry.

Amazingly enough Joey was not "Seasick" this time, Ha Ha!

We stopped for a look at Loch Ecke, another lovely place. The water was really Peaty!

On the way we found this Otter / Seal sanctuary which was really good, Joey fondled a load of yuckie creatures! Typical little boy eh!

The otter's were brilliant, put on a really good underwater show!

Then we got to Glencoe what brilliant views.

Here is Joey and Katie posing in front of Ben Nevis, looks impressive eh!

Then we stopped off at Loch Ness, unfortunately we did not catch sight of Nessie. Urquhart Castle was still impressive though even though you had to pay to get down to see it (And it was shut)

Then we set up camp at Inverness and had a lovely curry on the first night, that place just under the seagulls head, well recomended !
Katie doing an impression of someone sucking a lemon!

Here is Joey trying to walk in a straight line.
look how light it is and it is past 11 pm.

The next day we started our treck up to the top of Britain by following the east coast road. Our first stop was at "Golspie pier" and Katie decided to send a message in a bottle our to sea, here she is writing out her note.

The next stop was pure luck we saw a small sign for "Latheronwheel Harbour" and we decided to take a look. It was a lovely place with some magnificent scenery and hey we were the only people there! There was a little harbour bit and a little cave that Katie and I decided to explore (Scary).

This is the view from inside you can see the harbour and Joey bent over collecting skimmers.

Next stop was "Witherspoons" in Wick for a quick top up of of the digestive system, very nice too.

Then no time later we reached the top "John O Groats" Here Katie and Joey posed for a picture "Joey with his RHOCAR hat on".

It was much like we expected, A few shops and the mandatory post showing where you live. It cost 10 for a picture with your home town on the sign but the man said you could take your own pictures for nothing, so I did.
I then looked on Multimap and found out home was 534 miles away and I used photoshop to add Lincoln to the sign and hey 10 saved.

This native was really interested in us or maybe it was Joeys hat.

Now here we are at the real "Top bit of Britain" Dunnet Head if you look on a map of Britain Dunnet Head sticks out more than Johnny Groats!

The view was again magnificent look at this, you could not get any better overseas.
This is a rare picture of Joey with his arm round his sister Katie (Isn't that nice?).
We were lucky with the weather it was lovely, Hey kids fancy a swim?

Here is "Chicken Joey" who decided it might not be such a good idea. I must admit that I had a paddle and the water was lovely until it got to about 4 inches deep then it got "Bloody cold" your feet started to hurt after a few minutes. To borrow another "Billy Connolly" saying "10 miles out to sea and the North sea oil workers are wearing protective suits in case they fall in and here we are calling the kids Jessies for not swimming"

And here is the proof that they did swim!
Well done both of you.

And here we are back at Inverness, just about to leave the "Park Guest House" nice place too we were made to feel very welcome and we even were allowed to take in Katies Pet Rat Dodge,
Yes we took a Rat with us on holiday!

We followed the coast eastwards we planned to reach Edinburgh today but wanted to see a few sights along the way, Today it was more like the usual Scottish weather "Cold and rainy". This is the first stop "Hopetown" Harbour here the kids are trying to look warm.

After seeing where I used to live and my old school in Forres we stopped at another old haunt of mine Lossiemouth and it was absolutely pissing it down, still we had a quick bite to eat and then we were off again.

When we got to Elgin (Another place I used to live) we found the "Moray Motor Museum" and stopped off for a look it was really interesting and they have some really classic cars in there and the amazing thing is that they are all still roadworthy and used regularily.

Then we made a stop in Aberdeen for a bit to eat and a "quick" look round. Then it was a non stop wizz down to Edinburgh The car was starting to run out of fuel on some of the longer hills so I was pretty glad to find a fuel station before we stopped completely.

Joey was chuffed to see his Granny Jean and it looks like she was just as happy too.

There was a quick medical drama involving Dodge when he had to be rushed to the vets the next day.
He had a lump on his underside and by the time we got to the vets Ruth was reading the poor little bugger his last rites, Katie had said her last farewells (They thought it was a cancerous tuma) In the end it was an abscess and the vet popped it and he is still going strong, Well done Dodge!

Granny Jean treated us to a meal at their favourite restraunt Grandad Jimmy kept hold of his wallet just in case.

Then "south Queensferry" to look at the bridges....

And the quaint little harbour

Here is a pair of "Anchors"

The beach at Queensferry is a favourite, lots of rock pools etc. Mind you looks like something else has caught their eye in this picture, Aliens perhaps!

Grandad Jimmy struck it lucky when he found 15p in loose change, He had to push Katie out of the way to get it before she did.
Here he is rushing off to bank his new found wealth, Katie looking stunned in the background.

Here Joey and Katie pose with one of their Grandparents neighbours Mrs Richie, She like my Mother show that the Scottish breed are in fact really generous.
We do not include Grandad Jimmy in this statement as he is one of the "Scrooge Clan".

Well goodbye Scotland, thanks for having us.

We stopped off at the "Angel of the North" monument, It is very impressive a lot of people think it is just a rusting steel eyesore, but if they got up close they would see it is not rusty it is in fact Brown colour, it is really cool in our opinion
Mind you look at the 3 turkeys pretending to be angels underneath it!

And here we have two Angels at the feet of another Angel! Ahhh.
And here endeth our great holiday in Scotland 1434 miles in 7 days and tons of fun as well. Thanks kids !