How we got on with the Paperwork!

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Nothing hard with the first page. DVLA gave us our Chassis number
Others manage to make their own up but after all its only a number so who cares!

Page 1!

No problems with the second page either "Amateur build and Fee paid"

Page 2!

April 2004 is the date we first went to DVLA

Page 3!

Right here we go "Page Four", Max speed 100mph.... A safe figure to put down, Max power engine speed... If you put the red line as your figure the noise test is tested at higher revs (Often Max power is 1000 plus rpm lower than the red line)
Design weights from RHE, and Engine manufacture date from Logbook.

Page 4!

What we got back from VOSA, No problems Just a couple of ticks and it was done.!


We have a Date, At last some might say!

SVA Date!

Joey wrote a letter to Beverley asking if he could be at the test as he has been there throughout the build it would be a shame for him to miss the big day. (Heres the Nice reply we recieved)

Beverley SVA Center!

Oops we failed, Not by much though

Failure Sheet!

And Finally may we introduce, "The Minister's Approval Certificate" otherwise known as..........

"The MAC!"

Some SVA Details Brake performance,  Axle Weights Etc! 860 kg not too bad for a 2B then!

Data Sheet

Speedo calibration reciept!

How Fast?

We have to say that having a DVLA Office in Lincoln was a real help it might have been a lot harder if we had to do it all by post.
So Thanks again DVLA in Lincoln"