We now "Own" a part built to complete, (99% Finished apparently) !

We were contacted by a friend who needed his recently purchased "Part Built 2B" finished, He did not have the time and needed someone to do it for him. He had seen our build and was happy to entrust us with his Red Baby to complete.
The car was nearly ready for SVA, or so he was told. If you look at it in the picture you might probably think "well yes it looks pretty good". Can't be that much to do Surely!
Well stand by to find out!
Footnote: We did a deal with James and bought the car off him for a fair price, We reasoned that there was getting to be more and more work involved in sorting out this cars problems. It would be unwise for James to pay me to sort out so many problems when he could buy a fully complete and on the road car for less. Unfortunately he paid over the odds for this car so ended up making a loss, but at least he would not make any more losses on this car.

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