Normous Newark 05

Here we were again the big one at Newark, Glorious weather, good forcast and a car full of cold beer. Almost as soon as we got the tent up we were on our way to the "King Ted" in Newark for tea!

It was a great place to eat, Food was excellent with the added bonus that it was buy one get one free. Big Jim got a big shock when his long lost son Mutley turned up,    It was a shame the timing was not a bit better, then they could have shared the tab, instead the porky duo had two meals each      

Back at the campsite the beer was flowing, "Big Lee" used all his best chat up lines and ended up getting a Dog a drink      

The facilities at Newark are top notch, This is the Gents toilets    there is even enough cubicles to go round. I'm not sure about the ladies facilities though !

I must have drunk too much because I saw this "Ghostly Image" in the tent, then I realised it was Joey playing "Jawbreaker" on the Pocket PC.

It was a Hot Sticky night in the tent, Mind you it was pretty warm even at 7 in the morning, Looks like its going to be a belting day.

Poor old Les Walsher suffered the ignomy of being "Jump Started" by Tim Normans current steed "The Kaig", notice "Big Jim" has already got his camera out to record the moment.   

Joey was well chuffed that he could drive the car over to the display area.

Bugsy was treated to one of the NW "Smoke Bombs", Funny he did not seem to fall for it at all. Looks like this Joke has run its course folks      Got any Thunderflashes Tony?

As usual it was a great show, lots of Hoodies lots of visitors and lots of Car Chatter. It was a hot day, Too Hot really!
I spent a fortune on Ice Creams Drinks (and Sunblock)!

Later on back at the campsite Joey tried Rizla's Banana for size, We had to agree it was a nice looking car (But Don't tell Him that ) I must admit I had a quick sit in it but made sure there was no Cameras about at the time.

OK Rizla I said its a good looker, Now where's my Beer?

Struth Its Sunday already, Another Hot day in store, I think you should look behind you Sue, Some people are nicking the Gazebo

It was another great turnout by the Hood fraternity, so much so that we won the Newark trophy yet again. Nice one folks. Joey was asked if we could use his car as a background to the trophy presentation. In no time at all he was reversing it into position by the RHOCAR sign.

Joey's car was soon Joined by Derek Mann's Superspec and Ian Johnson's Toyota powered Hood.
Make a good Picture with the trophy in front don't they?

This was what we were all waiting for, the lovely Miss Newark presenting the Trophy to Big Jim.
This was his birthday present for Saturday, He is always going on about not believing in birthdays at his age but he did not complain about this present

"Beauty and the Beast"

Another Excellent show Nice to meet everyone, Heres to the next one.