Shortened Sump Anyone?

We have decided to carry on doing these sumps if anyone requires them, we have many happy customers and they are still cheaper than most places, and of course ours come painted ready to fit, unlike a lot of others!

Shortening the Sumps First task was cutting them down to size, first off was the Sump base

Then we cut the slots which let the oil into the Expansion box and also stop it sloshing around too much on hard cornering

Next job was cutting out and bending into shape the Expansion boxes.......

Then holding it in place and marking out the base panel.

Then ship the whole lot over to Lee's house for the easy bit Only kidding, mind you for someone like Lee, this is an easy task. Look at the job he has done, excellent well done Lee.

And here is another example all nicely painted ready to be fitted to a car

The price is 108 exchange which includes delivery If you are interested please email me!

*Sumps must be cleaned prior to us doing the job otherwise add another tenner*