Mr Blue Sky gets a well deserved make over

Now lets start this article by saying:
This is not intended to criticise Irenes build, The fact is that Mr Blue Sky has travelled over 36,000 miles since Irene "Built" him. this was one of the problems. He had endured 5 winters worth of driving, is quite possibly the highest milage Hood around, he is bound to look a bit sorry for himself.
Oh yes I forgot she let some Cowboy called "Jigtec Bob" do a wishbone conversion, Luckily for everyone in the Kit Car world this individual has gone bust, Not before he creamed a load of peoples pride and Joys off them though Grrr !!!
If you ever get anyone to do some work on your Kit Car make sure that he is not this tosser, after the mess he made of Irene's car and the dangerous state he left it in I would love to meet him!!!

First step was to get Mr Blue Sky to live in Lincoln!!
Easy enough, but he will miss his Mum for the time being !

Initial inspection showed a lot of corrosion as could be expected for a 36k car.

But looking a little closer it got quite scarey, Just check out "Jigtwit Bobs" welding on the top section of the upper Wishbone mounting bracket, Pardon me but it looks to me like the weld is nowhere near the bloody bracket!!

Any decent company would at least have blanked off these chassis tubes!

This is the beam which holds the Bonnet locking mechanism on. When she built it Irene bolted the beam to the chassis, when "Jigtwit" got hold of it he removed the bolts and refitted the beam using some cheap plumbers rivets, now pardon me but I would suggest that this beam that holds the bonnet safety catch is "quite important" so personally I think Irenes Bolt on method was a lot better than the "Cowboys" method.

Rusty old Headlights and Sealed Beam units will have to go!

Poor old Mr Blue Sky, Its hard to imagine at this point that we are less than 4 weeks from our trip to Spain

The actual Wishbones design was good and Irene liked the way it drove but how they were fitted to the car was shocking, the wishbones actually sat against the mounting brackets, "metal to metal"!!! and then at the other end he had used about 3 tons of heavy washers to fill the gaps.
Not only that just look at the mess he left when he cut out the holes for the brackets, what an moron!
Unfortunately all this shoddy workmanship was all covered up with the long wings that Irene used to have so she did not notice it before she paid the bloke!

The bushes that "Jigtit Bob" used were up to his usual crappy standards, ie did not fit properly
There was a large gap at one end which he filled with......................

"A bloody Nylon washer"!!!

Anyway we sorted "Bobs Bodge" by welding in some sleeves to the wishbones and using a set of Robin Hood Nylaspa bushes as per Joeys car and guess what?
The wishbones go up and down lovely now

Irene had a go at welding up some of the brackets.

She did quite a good job too (Much better than Jigtwits)

We plugged the holes in the chassis that "He" forgot!

We strengthened and lowered the mudguard mounts so the mudguard now sits nice and close to Irenes nice shiney new TSW Wheels

The lower suspension mounting bracket had to be replaced as "He" had made it out of Tinfoil

The whole assembly was given a nice couple of coats of Hammerite

Remember the holes that "He" left in the Stainless?........................

Well "We" fitted nice little cover plates !! Wasn't that hard was it?

The whole lot was assembled, painted and fitted with some shiney new disks. and then it was time to do the tracking.

Oops looks like "Jigtit Bob" has done this wheel
Once again we did the tracking using the guages from Steve at Hi Q in Gainsborough (Cheers Mate) We set the camber using our Laser leveller, very easy to use and they don't cost much either!!!! (Try B & Q)

"Old One Eye is Back" We fitted some new Halogen lights and Headlight units, We took our time and lowered the lights so they were not sitting so high up which looks much better.

Looks good with the TSW's and the low mudguards don't you think?

Another little job was to replace the Robin Hood front Grill with some nice mesh like Joeys

Almost ready for a test drive!
We took the car to Dougie at Paul Goy Racing for a tune up he did a cracking job and the car came out running lovely.
Felt like the car had twice the power in fact

Irene took me out for a drive and was really happy to get her baby back, mind you I was just happy to have got it done in time for Spain.

We fitted the Front Number plate from Craigs Plates, looks good!

And at last we got out in both cars, lovely weather Joey and I did get a soaking at one point though, we came round a bend and our side of the road was flooded so we went over to the right and then typically a car came the other way so we had to pull back over, we were not going very fast but did cause a rather large tidal wave Irene was behind us and saw the poor lady in the car looking sheepish and saying "Sorry" Ho Hum its only water!!!

And here we are Mr Blue Sky "Looking Good" and ready for Spain !