Spain 2007 the trip of a lifetime

We had been planning this trip for the past six months, Irene had read a book by Laurie Lee, "As I walked out one Midsummer Morning".where he toured round Spain in the late 1930s and had always wanted to visit some of the places in the book. We decided how better to see Spain than from the Hood's and the planning started there!
So here we are 5am on a bright Thursday morning all packed up and ready to go.

In no time we were on the Speedferry heading to Boulogne, "Wow its really happening now"

Irene quickly got the hang of driving on the wrong side and we covered some good milage on the first day

It did not take long for the motorway toll stations to turn up, Mmm whats Irene pointing at here?

Ah its "Joseph" acting in character and "Le Pissing" in public!

En route we spotted another Hood no idea what happened to it but we did stay in the same hotel as its owner at last years Le Mans. Poor thing looked a bit sorry for itself though !

After a long days driving our first night stop over was at a F1 Hotel in Alencon, France. We arrived late evening and almost ran (apart from me with a sore leg) to the Restaurant we were bloody starving, All went well though and the meal was lovely, Joeys must have been the cheapest meal to make though because it was "Raw" mince!!!
We were a bit worried about the cars parked outside overnight all alone but in the end they were fine, thank goodness or this report would have ended here!

Next day we had a nice early start, loaded the cars and set off South. We stopped off for a look round this place, apparently they have a big race meeting here every year!!!
"Le Mans"
Coming back here again brought back some memories I can tell you, shame though they was not memories about "Close Racing" and "Great Atmosphere" but were of "Crappy facillities" and "Stinking Toilets" instead!

We had a drive round the track, here we are on the famous Mulsanne straight, pointing the wrong way I might add but at least we were on it. We then popped into Arnage and had some late breakfast/ dinner to charge us up for the rest of the journey.

At one of the Toll stations (Payage) Irene failed to spot this "small" sign when she parked up

Talking of small signs it took us bloody ages to find the site we had booked in St Jean De Monts in France, the directions we were given were useless so by the time we got there all the shops were shut and we had no Beer or Food!!!! Arghh.
Thank goodness for a local petrol station which sold Beer and Wine and also for the sites own Pizza maker for our very nice tea!

Next morning before Joey got up, Irene and I went to the supermarket to stock up for our stay, here we got our new Paella pan a bargain at 10 Euro's more of that later!

Later on when the boy got up we took a walk to the beach, It was quite a crowded one and not really my cup of tea but Joey still braved the elements and had a swim

While he was swimming he was very impressed to see the quality of the "Beach Babes" in this area

Despite the "Beach Chicks" instead of staying the full 3 nights at "Clarys Plage" we decided to set off South on the second day, this gave us more time in Spain. We planned the night before to aim for Bilbao and find the F1 Hotel there.
The roads were great if a bit boring, it was quite a flat area but at least we covered the distance quickly. At one point the Sat Nav told me that in 200 miles we have reached our destination!
"Bloody Rain in Spain" was definately not all on the plain this time, But anyway here we are "Espania" at last!!!

During our trip the Sat Nav has proved invaluable "But" it did not cover the minor roads so when we reached Bilbao and started looking for the Hotel we got "horribly lost" these nice people tried to direct us where we needed to go but I'm afraid we got lost even after their directions, "Thanks anyway folks"
When we got deep into Bilbao we did in fact get a bit worried, "Joey, put the camera away" and Irene wrapped her handbag round the gearlever I must admit that it looked rather scary, very narrow streets, ladys of the night and Pimpy looking chaps, Gulp!!

And look at these lot, "Armed to the teeth!"
No in fact we had no problems at all and everyone was very nice, and the cars as usual attracted a lot of attention.

At one point when we were stopped looking at our maps when this lot pulled up beside Irene and after saying how nice the cars were they asked where we were heading, after a bit of discussion they decided to take us to the Hotel.
"How nice is that?"
They took us right through Bilbao and straight to the Hotel, Thanks Folks!

That night we had a lovely "Al La Carte" meal near the hotel, and very nice it was too.
Next morning we said goodbye or should I say "Adios" to Bilbao.

Before we even reached the outskirts of the city we hit the Bilbao "M25"
Actually this small jam was because two lorries had bumped into each other and we were soon through it!

The roads were superb and the scenery was lovely. Take a look at this!!!

Check out this for a road sign "Madrid, bloody hell we are really in Spain !"

And here we are at our camp site, wonder what it's like inside?

Click here to find out!